Today’s Public Relations is defined as two-way communication between organizations and their constituents. Nowadays, public relations Bangkok includes listening to constituents, evaluating, and understanding their attitudes and behaviors. Having said that, tremendous PR trends have triggered changes in communications, altering lifestyles, media, and industry in a matter of years.

So, what are the three major PR trends that you should be aware of as a public relations and communication professional in the current era?

Companies have traditionally sought media placement on high-profile websites and in newspapers, periodicals and in the glossy pages of Thailand magazines. This tendency has recently altered, to a certain degree, and specialist publications are increasingly popular among companies working in niche fields.

PR trends 2022

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01. Targeting niche PR

The development of self-publishing platforms, informational blogs, and influencers, in particular, has changed the scene. They’ve built a close-knit following based on same interests and industry. Simultaneously, local news sources have become decentralized in order to suit the audience’s desire for depth and comprehensiveness of interests.

This significant advancement in the public relations and communication field has brought effective media placements within reach of smaller firms who previously battled for such exposure. As a result, the determinant of success in public relations and communications has shifted from financial resources to specialty targeting.

As a takeaway “approach” summary, public relations and communications professionals should pitch media sources that cater to the demands of a certain audience or industry, which targets to achieve very specific audience relevance of messaging.

02. Streaming live – Facebook LIVE and Youtube Live Casting

“Live to stream”, often known as live video, has taken over the social media sphere. Public relations and communication professionals cannot afford to fall behind on this PR trends.

Consider the following; it is often thought that up to 80 percent of a brand’s audience prefers live video to blog material, and 82 percent prefers live video to social postings.

However, introducing live video will benefit B2B and B2C companies, non-profit organizations, and the public sector. Its simplicity allows anybody to exhibit their brand, from administrators of small non-profit groups to CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations.

Furthermore, today’s consumer craves authenticity, approachability, and openness more than ever before. The advantage of employing live streaming platforms is that it allows brands to peel back the curtain and reveal the people and/or processes behind the business. This fosters genuineness, honesty, and openness.

Because live video channels provide communication professionals with an efficient and cost-effective way to promote product debuts, press conferences, and behind-the-scenes discoveries, public relations professionals should hone their skills in live streaming apps. They will not only become experts in their field, but they will also get an audience and credibility.

03. Big data and artificial intelligence

Today, increased investment in big data and artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the way effective PR campaigns are established. Furthermore, AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP, NLP Practice Thailand) technologies are becoming more widespread. This necessitates communication professionals adopting new ways and capitalizing on the numerous benefits available.

Monitoring social media channels (Social Listening Thailand), crafting targeted stories, providing content marketing suggestions, email scheduling, search engine optimization (SEO content), and forecasting customer demands are just a few of the ways AI and big data may help PR professionals.

More Upcoming PR Trends

In a continually changing marketing landscape, it is difficult to predict what the world will look like in the following years. However, there is still a need to communicate, advise, promote, and defend plans, messages, ideas, and relationships. Maintaining high-level PR initiatives necessitates paying close attention to current developments. Public relations practitioners must be prepared for specific PR trends, such as those listed below.

Strategies for reputation management

The goal of PR trends is to improve a person’s or organization’s public image and amplify their message to market in 2022. It is both proactive and reactive, based on a detailed understanding of the client’s connection with the public. It is also based on quick reactions to unexpected problems. In today’s digital age, reputation management has become even more important. Fake news and a spike in product recalls, for example, have made it critical for businesses to acquire and maintain customer confidence.

Online trolls and influencer marketing are two areas of reputation management to concentrate on. Professionals must be able to distinguish between authentic bad evaluations and trolling. There are several strategies to improve an organization’s reputation. For example, new marketing campaigns can be established; meanwhile Search engine optimization tactics may also be utilized to show favorable news when consumers Google a brand.

Other considerations: TikTok reliability

Many businesses are using TikTok as a marketing tool. This platform is getting increasingly popular as social media grows in popularity. Businesses are collaborating with TikTok influencers to create real content to advertise their products and services. TikTok also enables them to access an entirely new customer group. On TikTok, brands use a variety of PR tactics, such as branded hashtags, video commercials, and formats such as brand takeover, the latter now being very popular and having consistently excellent impact in terms of brand awareness.

Online safety and health

With the pandemic causing a spate of unexpected occurrences, every firm should prioritize the health and safety of its staff and consumers. In such a climate, pessimistic messaging hinders engagement attempts, but you should still make an effort to communicate areas in which you lead in taking responsibility. The message that health and safety are top priorities is crucial not just for general safety, but also for marketing purposes, since customers are far more inclined to engage with a company they believe to be safe. Companies must stand firm in their messaging and demonstrate that they take it seriously in order to keep and gain customers, and do what they must to create happy consumers.

Awareness of social spending

With several crises of various sorts occurring throughout the world, such as mental health, political division, and others, individuals have grown more introspective when determining how and where to spend their money. Consumers want to purchase locally, but they also want to buy from firms whose marketing matches their beliefs. It will be vital to communicate this message of social consciousness to clients in order to build loyal customers.

Events that are personalized

Customers are spending more time online than ever before. E-commerce and virtual events are becoming more popular as a way for firms to stay in touch with their customers. With clients desiring human connection, it would be prudent to customize digital events with real content. Businesses should carefully consider the benefits of attending an event from the standpoint of the attendees.

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