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A financial PR agency tasked with handling press releases, shareholder results communication, internal comms and local deployment of regional marketing tacticals must be adept at creating clear, accurate, representative collaterals, helpful assets and stakeholder-relevant connectivity tools which deliver for clients quickly. Capital can’t wait, and neither can your customers.

Operational highlights, unaudited financial results, YoY performance, EBITDA, swells in user numbers, trade volume escalation, acquisition performance versus expectation, enterprise service roll-outs, milestones, assets refinancing, MoUs and licensing … there is a lot of ground to cover, certainly. This is a challenging field where an investment, banking and finance PR agency must respond within-day, and often immediately.

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Our financial PR agency is highly experienced in servicing dedicated financial and investment clients like Futubull and Siam Commercial Bank, as well as supporting on specific financial results reporting for Thai-based non-financials such as Vietjet and Indorama Ventures. This is in addition to media and platform collaborations with the likes of Yahoo Finance in the US and in Hong Kong/Thailand, and even keynote address composition for huge investment conglomerates like RMA Group. We’re also big on insurance, and are currently supporting a range of our region’s top operators in this field, including active press release campaigns for Blue Cross and AXA, and previously for survey communication for Prudential, and public relations for AIG, AIA and ACE in Thailand.

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    It’s worth remembering also that the personal relationships behind the hard numbers are really important. Beyond our immediate spheres of influence among the financial and business media in Thailand and in other Asia-Pacific territories, we have extensive connections in the US, especially in business and technology, and are often called upon to leverage these assets as an augment to our APAC-focused work, with marquee media organisations such as Forbes, CNN, CNBC, Wired, Business Insider, TechRadar… and of course, all of our superb media friends here in the Kingdom.

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    Radiating core benefits to stakeholders and the wider industry – as well as attracting further inwards investment opportunities – are the important goals of all financial communication. Our financial PR agency have a captive segment of financial, business, investment and M&A media stars who we have worked with for many years.

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    We’d love to get you into that room tomorrow to tell your story. There is an elegance to candour; the virtue and importance of truth-telling, and fact-checking, and in providing the media with the exact information they want and need. That’s where we put your company; right out in front and where you need to be.

    So don’t put such a high “risk of trust” into agencies that don’t have the necessary duty of care, past portfolio of successes or standard of commitment to detail in the realm of Investment & Financials, Financial Results Communication and Shareholder Communications, trust in the best.

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