As with almost any facet of marketing or communications, to answer this we need to understand – however broadly – our objectives, budget, ideal timescale and those specific activities, activations, tools and tactics that are most likely to serve our aims.

What channels for your PR campaign?

It is entirely possible to meet your goals using a single channel approach. This could mean perhaps you choose to focus on a Social Media Only strategy, or choose to use one influencer to spearhead your program, or that you rely on the tried-and-true process of distributing a series of press releases.

This kind of approach suits situations where the budget is in some way limited, or that the communications goal (and/or product launch goal) can be enabled through a very targeted approach.

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Typically in PR, when we say “campaign”, we are tacitly implying that there will be several channels, platforms or routes to message consumption that will be employed. Where the campaign is to be served by this multi-faceted approach with multiple tools and tactics used either in series or simultaneously, we usually consider this to be an “all inclusive” PR strategy. You may hear this referred to as integrated, full service, comprehensive, 360-degree or multi-channel; they are all the same thing.

How does PR agency can help building your PR strategy?

Your PR partner will take the briefing document you give to them and use this as the basis of preparing both the strategy and the costings (budget). It is common for the PR agency to give you a price per month, which will cover the required volume of consulting, crisis response preparedness, press releases, events, articles, media engagement activities, and any digital and social augmentation. This will usually be quoted as a price per month, times by the number of months you would like the collaboration to run for.

It is also possible to use a PR firm to manage your PR campaign in a less structured (i.e.- ad hoc) way. With this approach, you might decide to pay the PR firm to create your content for your social pages only, and then notify them that at several times during the three months of your launch campaign, you will need three press releases and a magazine advertorial. This “pick and mix” approach can work just as well as a full retainer, assuming your PR agency is agile and responsive enough to deliver it. At Gemini, we do not in any way apply higher costs to clients who prefer this looser type of arrangement. In fact, our transparency and fairness in this area is why we enjoy good and ongoing relationships with many of our clients.

The one big advantage of using an all-in retainer is that your PR partner will have an excellent view ahead of your expectations and their deliverables. It will also give you a fixed/confirmed cost indication. The plan can be tailored throughout, however, to most ably respond to your chosen campaign dynamics, as well as taking into account performance, results, metrics, and a shifting macro environment.

Please reach out via the contact form, and we will be happy to set up a video meeting with our team to walk you through some of the options. When it comes to considering how best to answer the question, How to build a successful PR campaign in Thailand, we’re on your side from the start, and ready to get moving, no matter your budget.

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