With millions of people in the kingdom utilizing various social media platforms these days, social media marketing has become one of the most essential advertising tools for businesses in Thailand. Companies may benefit from increased customer involvement, high-quality traffic, and, ultimately, more revenue through this channel.

Companies who are able to use these social media platforms with intelligent campaigns may reap several rewards in terms of their marketing tactics.

Every section of the target audience chooses and utilizes various social networks at different times of the day. That is why businesses should understand which platforms and when their target audiences want to use them, as well as the kind of content that each audience group prefers to consume. Businesses may use this method to design their own social media management and calendar and discover how frequently they should publish material on each channel, what sort of information to distribute, and the overall best strategy for each section.

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Timing social media posts

While posting content marketing numerous times per day used to be effective for many businesses, that is no longer the case, which is why businesses must have a full grasp of their consumers. For example, many consumers dislike seeing many posts from a single company throughout the day, so companies should limit themselves to posting once, or no more than twice, every day on Instagram. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, is a different story. Then, on Twitter, consumers love to watch debates and connect with one another, which means marketers may publish information much more often throughout the day.

Leverage social hashtags

One of the nice features of a variety of social networks is that businesses can use hashtags to organize and categorize their material. Users may then seek for a certain hashtag to see all of the posts that have been tagged with it. It’s a wonderful tool for helping everyone on the social media platform find what they’re searching for, and it’s even more valuable for companies, who can use it to create customized hashtags that engage their audience and initiate conversations.

However, bear in mind that the quantity of hashtags has lately begun to correlate with the amount of engagement each post receives on a network. Posts with a small number of hashtags have begun to outperform those with a large number of hashtags. This is due in part to user annoyance with the seemingly infinite line of hashtags that they may wind up misclicking, causing them to ignore such postings, resulting in lower interaction.

Choose a unique social approach

Finally, while social media platforms are a helpful tool for disseminating messages and information from businesses, each platform has its own set of regulations that distinguishes it. Companies should handle each platform differently and develop distinct tactics based on the laws of each one to achieve the greatest outcomes. For example, although YouTube is ideal for long-form films, posting the same videos on TikTok would not work. Although businesses can essentially share the same messages, they must all be tailored in accordance with the platform’s needs in order to obtain the greatest outcomes.

Social media marketing advice for growing companies

When it comes to social media marketing techniques, each company has a unique strategy that works for them. The difference in ideas and approaches is due to the fact that various audiences want to see different things on their favored platforms. Companies must respond to these customer desires, which is why they develop distinct tactics for each target niche.

However, there is a basic set of methods that work across the board when building any type of advertising campaign on social media networks. A few tactics are quite helpful for many firms when it comes to growing audience engagement and enhancing total return on investment (ROI).

01. The landing page

The “marketing funnel,” which converts leads into consumers, is well-known to most marketers. However, there have been several instances when the purchasing process has not been as effective as marketers had hoped, resulting in the potential buyer leaving the website and never returning to make a purchase.

Fortunately, a certain kind of social media advertisements may help make the purchase path more simpler for customers — by totally bypassing the landing page. There is a more effective solution than having leads click a button to go to the landing page, which then directs them to the next phase of their purchase process. This alternative entails changing the call to action button that takes you to a landing page with a button that allows you to contact the company directly. Ads using “Call Now” or “Book Now” buttons reduce the likelihood of leads abandoning their purchasing path.

02. Testing suggestions

Most of the time, businesses use Twitter as just another promotional channel, distributing the same material across all social media. Many of these businesses, however, are unaware that Twitter is one of the finest places for testing content and marketing ideas in front of a wide audience.

Twitter currently offers metrics for each shared tweet to all users, making it simple for businesses to monitor the engagement rates of their content. Even tweeting a hilarious joke or a profound statement on a topical subject is enough for businesses to see if pursuing that sort of content in the future would be useful to the brand, especially if that tweet has a greater rate of engagement than others.

03. Performance monitoring

Finally, like with other plans, it is critical to track the KPIs for each promotional effort made by the organization. This is by far the most effective technique for businesses to learn more about how customers react to each promotional attempt in a marketing campaign. Businesses may use this data to fine-tune and optimize their marketing efforts while also increasing their bottom line and return on investment (ROI).

Companies will gain greater engagement rates and appeal to customers if distinct methods are regularly updated and modified based on learned information.

eCommerce website PR strategy tips

Any online store’s primary objective is to boost traffic and conversions. However, the basic cookie-cutter technique does not always work, and shop owners must seek for other, more successful tactics to enhance sales and traffic to their businesses.

To develop a good e-commerce strategy, a company must employ both online and offline marketing methods. Using these tactics has substantial benefits for any organization, including increased brand awareness, loyal consumers, and online sales.

01. Add social media platforms

When we talk about social media marketing, we don’t mean utilizing just one of the platforms — we mean using all of them at the same time. Integrating Instagram entails utilizing a platform with over 500 million daily active users. Use Facebook not only to discuss the latest products, services, or accomplishments, but also to generate revenue by opening a Facebook store that is also connected with the Woocommerce or Shopify store.

Nowadays, anyone can acquire a significant social media marketing following by utilizing appropriate hashtags, publishing at the correct time, and uploading beautiful images. There’s also the advantage of demonstrating how the firm operates behind the scenes or connecting with people by holding contests or organizing freebies.

02. Enhance email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most successful tools that businesses can utilize to generate repeat customers and increase revenue. While social media marketing are excellent for reaching a larger audience, most individuals find it challenging to keep up with what each account posts on a regular basis. That’s where email marketing comes in handy, as it allows for much more personal connections with clients – and there’s also the added bonus of having more space to say everything that doesn’t fit into social network posts.

However, sending out mass emails is ineffective if the content provides no value to the clients. Along with the normal informational newsletter, email campaigns should always contain things like welcome emails for new clients, complimentary gifts, and promo coupons for loyal consumers.

03. Simplify UX and purchasing process

A well-designed and user-friendly website is the foundation of a successful online store. People will gravitate to websites that are appealing to the eye and, more importantly, simple to use. As a result, store owners must ensure that their online stores are safe, load quickly, and are easy to browse and read.

However, the advancements do not end there. A website can make a variety of design mistakes, some of which are more prevalent than others. These include failing to correctly categorize items, failing to take advantage of negative space, and failing to provide a clear value proposition.

04. Customize

Personalization is the most popular social media marketing approach right now, and it has increased income for firms all over the world. Businesses who use behavioral data from their consumers to provide visitors with a tailored experience each time they visit the website see a rise in sales.

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