Product seeding

Send Products to Influencers for Review

Gemini provides product seeding, uses data tools and machine learning to do the curation so we know our data is up to date and accurate.

Snapchat vs instagram

Snapchat vs Instagram for Businesses

Instagram Stories evolved from Snapchat to share with your followers short-lived photographs and videos that would evaporate in 24 hours.

Instagram public relations

How to Use Instagram to Boost PR Campaigns?

Is it worth your time and effort to create an Instagram business account? Here are a few strategies to help you expand your company on IG.

Influencer campaign thailand

Pitch Deck for an Influencer Campaign

Create an influencer campaign for your next promotional efforts while connecting with your target audience in a real and authentic way.

Tiktok marketing strategy

How to Create a TikTok Marketing Strategy?

A TikTok marketing strategy should be developed to maximize audience reach, engagement capture and brand recognition.

Social media marketing Thailand

Social Media Marketing in Thailand

Businesses that use social media as part of effective campaigns can reap many benefits in terms of marketing tactics.

Social media strategy Thailand

5 Tips for Effective Social Media Content

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the many digital and social channels available for your messaging? Not sure where to begin? This is a great place to get you started!