What does an SEO agency do?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the phrasing, formatting and technical embedding and calibration of elements which enable your content and communications to garner search visibility, and ultimately visits and action.

For companies that cannot (or do not wish to) manage this internally, there is always the option to outsource to a partner agency. This could be a digital agency that is focused on digital marketing, or a PR agency, the latter of which is focused on content creation, key message development, product positioning and communication of your USPs (unique selling points).

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Why is SEO important?

SEO is how the world finds you, finds your site, finds your business, discovers your product, and ultimately what you’re all about. Without effective page and SEO content, you are essentially invisible online. This is not good obviously, particularly for any business that relies on an at least some sort of “non-mortar” revenue. For O2O (offline to online) businesses, it’s really important; for ecommerce (online only) there is essentially no other more valuable way.

It’s possible to connect with customers via more “pressured” outbound targeting (or marketing “push”) such as with the purchase of ads. This is really expensive and can deliver very poor ROI if the bidding of ad fees is not well managed. It’s easy for your campaign to automatically buy a ten-dollar ad for example, and in exchange for all that ad spend you will get a quick page visit from a single random person, and then they leave after a few seconds. This is why so many people love inbound marketing… and some even loathe digital push!

SEO work, on the other hand, is essentially free when done by yourself in-house. You can write your own content marketing, and you can learn how to optimise it, too.

How does an SEO agency in Thailand help business in Bangkok?

Whilst there are commonalities to SEO application regardless of the local market the company operates within (the net’s on-line, after all), there are local differences. For example, if you’re a foreign business operating in Thailand, you may have considered translating all of your content into Thai language too, and offer a language tab switch on your page. Whilst this is great for helping your customers understand important information in their preferred language (you might get some more Thai clients whereas without the translation you may have not), it may be very detrimental to your SEO. This is because search engines are unsure of your core modus operandi.

The same as with creating multiple pages on the same topic. Whilst it’s a good endeavour to try to always build as much rich, deep and valuable content as possible, if you duplicate topics and author several blog pages about the same thing, you are essentially cannibalizing your own search capture performance.

Also, whilst developing vast libraries of carefully optimised Owned content is important, it can take months (or even years) to build it out and get it working properly. You also need to consider the 4-6 month “tidal” build-up of search activation vs result realisation – all of these are things your SEO partner can guide you on and provide valuable assistance and direction setting.

Why does a PR agency provide SEO agency services in Thailand?

As a significant role of the PR agency is to develop content for their clients, they are sensibly placed to be the first line in moving this forward. Consider the changing role of the humble press release. They used to go out to get media placements; now they are used to capture inbound backlink results. Having your releases published far and wide on sites with high domain authority (DA) will create strong backlinking which in turn will push you up the search rankings.

Again, your PR agency will be tasked with sending out your releases as well as building out your Owned content library – so it makes them ideal, and you can confidently let them lead the charge to carry your promotion efforts forward.

When working together, the client and the PR agency will consult with each other daily, discussing what needs to be built, who the target audiences/customers are likely to be, and how that content can be optimised around meeting that need. It’s all built on effective collaboration.

Conclusion: You’re not stuck with the underperforming results you are getting currently

We are ready to help you get your inbound marketing performance on point. It also doesn’t need to be expensive. We can provide a package tailored around your needs for as little as 15,000 THB one-off fee; or you may consider an ongoing support package, from as little as 5,000 THB per month.

We are often asked if we can demonstrate our effectiveness or the tangible results for our SEO performance – so take a look at where we appear in the google rankings across all of Asia. After all, you came across and visited this very page!

For more information, please reach out via the contact form for a free consultative discussion on your needs, and how we can plan forwards to help you achieve inbound search success.

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