Are you wondering if it’s worth your time and effort to create an Instagram business account? Instagram typically delivers 4.21 percent interaction via each post, while Facebook receives just 0.7 percent. It is also the most rapidly developing of the major social media networks, and the most heavily subscribed here in Thailand.

That’s mainly because a picture has always been worth a thousand words – and who doesn’t like a good tale presented almost entirely via images? However, one of the key issues for businesses – and their public relations teams – is that Instagram continues to restrict access to paid advertising on their service.

However, with a great plan, targeting the proper and most relevant influencers such as with our ready-to-use target lists available in our e-commerce store, and a few other methods, there are a few strategies to help you expand your company on Instagram.

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01. Hashtags

You are already aware of them. You should be aware that Instagram permits approximately 30 per post and that you may delete them from the post and replace them with new ones at any moment. However, you may add new ones many days later to freshen your article. But don’t use all 30. Stick to no more than 3-5 at a time.

So, which hashtags should you employ? You may use the explore tab to see which hashtags are getting the most attention. But here’s the thing: you want to make sure the ones you pick have a strong link to your company or the image, and you don’t necessarily want ones on the top of the popularity list.

People at or near the top are used so frequently that your image will cycle out of view for those looking within a second or two, sliding down to perhaps photo number 200 or so. Using somewhat less popular hashtags with search results in the low millions should keep your content in the frame for longer while still garnering a large number of views. This is called focused targeting.

02. Theme

Your Instagram theme should be clearly linked to your brand and what distinguishes your company from the competition. And the images on your Instagram account should be easily identifiable in the way they are related to that subject. But, while you contemplate the topic, consider the eight images that come before the one you’ll be adding. Remember that most users on Instagram see nine photographs at a time. Make sure the images are not only eye-catching and attractive in their own right, but also make an equally stunning collection together advertising your topic.

Cropping all of your photographs in the same way and using the same filters – or other concepts that indicate similarity – might assist. If you operate a flower design business, you may display single-color bouquets. Then, in each image, flowers progressively progress through the rainbow’s colors. Even better, your Instagram handle and business name should be something along the lines of Rainbow Flowers or Colors of the Rainbow.

03. Images of high quality

Did you realize that your mobile phone camera generally has two quality settings? It’s a standard resolution if you use the version most of us use for selfies, which allows you to view yourself as you take the image. The outward-facing lens has a higher quality, is less grainy, and should translate better on Instagram. It may take a few more tries to obtain the ideal photograph, but it’s all digital, so taking more photos is free.

If you’re unsure how to style your bio, message, or answers, create them in Word and then copy and paste them. Though Instagram was previously exclusively available through smartphone, you can now view it via computer at

Finally, keep in mind that this is still a social media platform, which means that it is about more than simply advertising your product or service; it is also about creating an engaging group. Follow your followers back, leave comments on their posts, love their posts, and answer if they remark on yours. And not just vocally. If they offer a recommendation, take it carefully and think about how you may include it into a future article — and when you do, thank them by referencing their account in your comments.

04. Stats on Engagement

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for both consumers and companies since its inception in 2010. One of the most difficult aspects of marketing on Instagram is that there are multiple companies competing on the site for the same thing: customer attention. Brands’ Instagram marketing objectives include increasing interaction, expanding reach, and generating more purchases.

To achieve the greatest results, businesses must be well-versed with the platform as well as its user base, which comprises of people who like utilizing the photo-sharing social networking site. The United States is the country with the most Instagram users, with over 140 million active users; but Thailand has the most engaged cross-demographic sweep in APAC. Companies can target the most proper (relevant) individuals by knowing which nations are the most popular on the network.

05. Instagram Development

Younger generations of customers utilize the network almost as much as they use other platforms like Twitter, TikTok, or Snapchat. However, when it comes to demographics, education is not the most essential aspect, as over 30% of users have a high school diploma and over 40% have a college diploma.

Other crucial engagement indicators for marketing on the site include how individuals use Instagram and how frequently they use it. Over half of all users use the app daily, with another 20% checking it at least once a week. When users do log in, they spend over 30 minutes each day on Instagram, and that number has been growing by one minute every year since 2016.

06. Users of Instagram

Furthermore, more than half of all Instagram users visit the Explore tab at least once a month, which is a terrific way to discover new material as well as other Instagram profiles. Companies may leverage this data to showcase their products and services to a broader audience by providing interesting and valuable content marketing that appears on the tab and reaches more people.

Not only that, but despite being a relatively recent addition to Instagram’s capabilities, shoppable photos are visited by over 130 million people. Companies may also use this data to sell their products or services straight on Instagram without having to exit the app and search the company’s business page.

Including influencers in your social media PR campaign

Brands and influencers worldwide are collaborating to affect customer perception and increase sales, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Companies and businesses have been turning to influencers to assist them push their brand in front of a broader audience since the beginning of digital marketing. Influencers not only have the chance to link businesses with more focused clients in their area, but they also boost their trust with the Instagram users with whom they interact. In essence, Instagram marketing is similar to exploiting the popularity of a pre-established profile to launch a company’s online operations.

Instagram marketing offers a lot of potential for increasing a brand’s number of followers. In reality, it’s a tactic that’s becoming increasingly popular, especially as buyers become more skeptical of traditional marketing campaigns. Here are just a few of the advantages to expect if your company is considering using Instagram influencers into its marketing platform.

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