Before beginning on putting together your media outreach campaign, it’s absolutely essential to get a perspective on the newspaper and Media Landscape. The first step in this process is to familiarise yourself with the available publications (“channels”).

Once you have this, you can begin to target the 2-3 or 5-6 that you would most like to target, or the ones that will be the most relevant – and therefore most important and effective – to your media outreach activities. Below is a helpful summary of twenty of the most popular media news outlets in Thailand focusing on either printed newspapers, online news channels or a combination of the two.

The next step beyond your initial list preparation is actual outreach to specific journalists. We offer this information in handy pre-prepared packs (435 total entries) available in our Thailand media list available here, for the convenience of your outbound media connection programs.

Top 20 newspapers Thailand

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Thailand English Language Newspapers & Online News Channels

01. Bangkok Post Newspaper

Circulation: 72,000 (print)

Bangkok Post Newspaper is an English language daily newspaper with the largest online international readership tuning in from beyond Thailand  – and the one that is most well-known among expats, tourists and overseas Thai news followers. It is still widely read in broadsheet format. Content covers economic, business, finance technology and innovation news, as well as politics, culture, art, shopping and happenings. Targets mainstream readers, executives, business owners and officials, and is a key cultural and societal stakeholder publication disseminating essential news media in Thailand, as well as being “The World’s Window to Thailand.”

02. The Nation Thailand

Circulation: 855,000 (print + online)

The Nation Thailand is one of the two big media for English language readerships in the Kingdom, the Nation is both a broadsheet and a strongly influential online platform covering news, events, happenings, foodies, celebrities, lifestyle, business, politics and regional geo-politics. It also features specific editorial sections for life, tech, property and destinations, as well as a perspective editorial and an area dedicated to education. It is a key media platform to target for English comms outreach, along with the Bangkok Post.

03. Coconuts Bangkok

Circulation: 554,000 (online)

Coconuts Bangkok is a daily news gossip pages-type tabloid that is e-published only and represents an APAC-wide span of intellectual property under the same banner. A heavy focus on foodie news and events, celeb gossip, a tongue-in-cheek look at the news, and one of the closest publications Thailand has to a British tabloid. Lots of lifestyle, truck pop-ups, markets and travel news and tips, and resolutely popular with gastro fans across all countries in Asia-Pacific.

04. The Thaiger

Circulation: 1.05M (online)

The Thaiger has only been functioning as a national website since April 2018, and is the fastest growing English-speaking online-only news and information site in the Kingdom. It used to provide both Thai and English-language news, but beginning August 2020, it has separated the two languages into distinct domains. Thaiger curates news and employs custom software to discover, select, and prepare material. The Thaiger acquired the digital assets of the Phuket Gazette in August 2017, but it now has a national and regional emphasis. It’s got the second greatest viewership of any English-language news website in Thailand.

05. Khaosod Newspaper

Circulation: 112,900 (print)

Khaosod Newspaper is a leading English online publication (hard copy is Thai language only, with a massive online Thai language following too) which covers the latest news updates, business, celebrity news, gossip, tech, and politics, both local and international. The target audience is entrepreneurial-minded individuals who crave better, aged 25-55 years-old as a key reader demographic; those that are Thai and well-educated, in top management positions, up to investors, executives and foreigners in Thailand.

Thailand Thai Language Newspapers & Online News Channels

06. ASTV Manager

Circulation: 850,000 (print + online)

ASTV Manager is a daily newspaper that presents political, cultural, entertainment, sports, economic, lifestyle and international news. Its website called is a trusted analytical website in Thailand. The main publication is more of a multi-disciplinary multi-focus MSM (mainstream media) publication and is well-followed, going against the grain in terms of shrinking MSM followings with a business-oriented spin.

07. Krunghtep Thurakij Newspaper

Circulation: 200,000 (print)

Krungthep Turakij Newspaper (a publication under Nation Multimedia group) provides highly influential content which covers Thai economic news, business, finance, technology and innovation news, as well as some politics and inter-regional news. It is one of the most-followed and most-longstanding popular mainstream media publications in Thailand, with a soft focus on middle-class business owners.

08. Thansettakij Newspaper

Circulation: 120,000 (print)

Thansettakij Newspaper  is a bi-weekly newspaper (traditional bulletin journal format) which updates people of all demographics on news and trends in Thai society, including on politics, gossip and celebrity happenings. Content covers business news also, as well as social, women, CSR, HR, and international politics, with a specific business editorial section. A very large online following.

09. Dara Daily Newspaper

Circulation: 229,400 (print)

Dara Daily Newspaper is an evergreen and well-followed TH slim volume print covering gossip, TV shows, stars, families, and is one of Thailand’s most tabloid-like journals. It is followed by older hiso and up-and-coming social media kids as they often check to see if their friends have been featured. It covers high-profile celebs and artists coming to Thailand to perform, and is pop culture-oriented, especially in music and shows.

10. Daily News

Circulation: 2.2M (online)

Daily News is a Thai language daily news reporting platform with an excellent following, with its highly modern approach to e-news casting. If focuses on politics, news, gossip, happenings, events, foodies and TV, the latter section being very well covered. Its format is clean and fresh with an international spin.

11. Thai Post Newspaper

Circulation: 275,000 (print)

Thai Post Newspaper is a politics-up-front publication with an over 45s readership, this traditional-type publication with wide geographical reach covers happenings in the country, but more specifically international relations between Thailand and its regional neighbours. It also has a prominent focus on families and finances.

12. Siamrath

Circulation: 855,000 (print + online)

Siamrath is a traditional tabloid-esque Thai language daily newspaper, with a trad printed reach as well as a significant and highly engaged online community. The Siamrath newspaper has a specific focus on news, TV, entertainment, politics and happenings, coupled with some music, film and gossip (particularly celebrity news).

13. Matichon

Circulation: 2M (print + online)

Matichon is a highly influential Thai daily news platform and publication. Its primary focus areas are business, technology, lifestyle and people & social influence. The last category gives it a specific (and popular) focus on stars (“daras”) and hiso communities, as well as happenings and events. It is also popular for news on politics, cars, shopping and travel.

14. Siam News

Circulation: 712,200 (online)

Siam News is a celebrity news and gossip news column-style daily (e-only) publication with a strong following of women aged 18-40. News reporting is focused on happenings, TV, movies, dating and relationships and hot products columns, with some sports news too. Contains dedicated Thai language video section and lifestyle news editorial section.

15. Spring News

Circulation: 2.6M (online + TV)

Spring News is owned by Nation Group. It has its own distinctive and massively well followed brand for news and serious journalism. Video productions are of an excellent standard and reporters cover many topics, from medical and healthcare to covid response, business management and recovery, wellbeing, senior CEO interviews, etc. @springnewsonline is its highly popular Facebook hosted page under the concept of ‘DIGITAL CHANGING your LIFE.’

16. Prachachart Turakij

Circulation: 1.1M (print + online)

Prachachart Turakij is a long-established and serious journalistic news publication which has served Thai people in the Kingdom for many years with news on domestic politics, geopolitics and international news, features on Bangkok city including urban planning, City Hall and Thai community, etc. The newspaper also has popular sections on making food at home, on travel and leisure as well as property and business, and should form a core part of a typical Thai language media campaign outreach.

17. Naewna

Circulation: 515k (online)

Naewna is both a social media-based news platform which also has a popular news website in its own right. It is a very domestic Thai-issue focused news reporting platform that prides itself on providing cutting-edge insight on topics as they unfold in real-time. It is one of the media organisations in Thailand that benefits from a very broad demographic in its user base, with content for people of all ages, and is especially focused on challenges affecting the country, its infrastructure and the people of Thailand.

18. Siam Turakij

Circulation: 15.5K (online)

Siam Turakij is a niche publication whose readership is high-income CEOs and business owners, this business newspaper focused on infrastructure projects, regional development, government stakeholder X private sector collaborations in the Kingdom, reporting on the signing ceremonies and MOUs of large corporates, and particularly on mergers and acquisitions of successful Thai businesses and business people.

19. Sudsapda

Circulation: 1.7M (online)

Sudsapda is a well-followed Facebook and Owned media platform with a specialisation in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Both sites have a strong record of reporting on celebrity news (K-pop is a vogue subject) as well as lots of food and shopping promotions, making it a popular channel for brand-side collaborations. Part of the very large Amarin publishing house, which owns and operates multiple media channels in Thailand, with a diverse readership spanning many sectors and communication areas collectively.

20. Bangkok Biz News

Circulation: 610k (online)

Bangkok Biz News is a popular and a well-tuned-in business news social platform, this media organisation also owns and operates its own media IP under the name Biz News. It reports not just on business news angles, but also a wide range of foodie and celebrity stories, making it something of a cross-sector promotional tool. It reports also on international politics and governmental news, as well as its popular CEO talk, giving it a pretty broad-brush approach to audience and interest capture.

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