Talk show style event

Talk Show Style Media Event

Think of the popular US-style talk shows you’ve seen on TV, and you will notice components which make them entertaining and authentic.

Snapchat vs instagram

Snapchat vs Instagram for Businesses

Instagram Stories evolved from Snapchat to share with your followers short-lived photographs and videos that would evaporate in 24 hours.

Rebranding Thailand

Change Your Brand Through Rebranding

Rebranding marks the start of a new chapter, but if not handled appropriately, it might have negative consequences.

K-pop marketing Thailand

Marketing Lessons from K-pop Music Industry

How effective K-pop music has been in taking something quirky and regional and growing it to become an international phenomenon?

Brand messaging Thailand

The Concise Guide to Effective Brand Messaging

Develop audience capture and media sources access by using engaging brand messaging that is succinct and crystal clear throughout.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

Even while there has always been word of mouth marketing, because to the advent of technologies, it has grown a lot more sophisticated.

Rebranding hotels Thailand

Hotels rebranding in Thailand Post Covid

If you plan hotels rebranding in Thailand and preparing to re-open post COVID-19, you’ll need to factor in these changing user preferences.

Brand positioning

What is Good Brand Positioning?

The answer depends primarily on whether you consider your communications to be lumped largely into business or lifestyle?