Engaging one-on-one (and one-on-many) with a selection of relevant, selective and genre-appropriate suppliers, customers, media and prospects can be a magic key for an organisation. Webinars enable businesses to do this in a targeted, helpful and authoritative way, allowing them to save money and time while improving their brand value and online visibility.

Using webinars may benefit any firm, regardless of their industry. If you’ve been debating whether or not to include this modern communication platform into your organization’s marketing infrastructure, keep reading to learn more about the key benefits of a webinar.

The PR partner will handle all aspects of guest promotion and RSVP, private/public chat, white-label branding, attendance registration, secure data transmission, WebRTC and browser-based communication, and screen sharing.

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What is a Webinar in 2022 (and 2023)?

A webinar, like a seminar or conference, lets companies bring together a diverse collection of individuals, content and sales materials. The first step is for you to find a webinar platform that allows you to share your presentation with others online. It allows you to establish virtual online conference rooms where you and your participants may see the presentation. During the presentation, presenters can share their desktop displays, files, and active apps with their audience.

Webinars are distinct from basic “marketing vids” in that the audience is there in real time, in actual attendance, albeit remotely. Also, the presenter and audience can interact, leading to the exchange of valuable information. This is particularly relevant as we move through covid and out the other side, emerging to capture positive marketing opportunities.

Webinar Benefits: Benefits of hosting online or hybrid events

Webinars can be strong in Adding Value to online content marketing. One of the key reasons organisations use webinar services is that they assist customers and improve the quantity of material available online. The ordinary prospect, customer, supplier, or employee has questions and concerns that every webinar helps answer. This creates a comprehensive collection of knowledge and solutions conveyed in content relevant or useful to current and future challenge navigators.

Recent webinar solutions, like MegaMeeting in Thailand, also let you record sessions. This allows hosts to record their talks, including Q&A sessions. These recordings may also be turned into blog entries or Q&A pieces, allowing you to expand your organization’s online content and build a stronger online presence.

Webinars are also great at creating Authority. People frequently gravitate to groups or persons they feel offer the solutions they seek. One method to promote yourself or your company as an authority in the market you serve is to create and present informative webinars for your audience.

If your audience finds your webinars interesting and they answer their major worries and queries, they will begin to see your company and brand as an expert in your sector. As a result, your brand will be remembered anytime your target audience seeks out helpful material.

Webinars have a worldwide audience. This implies that firms may easily contact customers throughout the world, provided they have access to internet-enabled gadgets. With a good webinar app, businesses can reach clients across borders and seas!

Why work with PR experts for online events?

The traditional method for expanding a company’s global reach was to physically deploy agents overseas. These salespeople closed business one-on-one. As a result, virtual meetings between corporate representatives and other stakeholders may be held efficiently without wasting money on unnecessary travel.

Webinars are a powerful digital PR strategy in tune with the times for organisations nowadays, and one reason is because they retain the audience’s interest better than, say, standard marketing videos.

A webinar is a live internet event. That means anyone who wants to see the full presentation will need to be in front of a computer, tablet, or smartphone from start to finish. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered in real time.

Webinars cannot be paused, stopped, or closed for later viewing. If you want to learn something from the event, you must stay until the finish of the webinar (or at least screen-record it locally using tools like ActivePresenter.

Branding Value Boost

Branding takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Some webinar solutions, like MegaMeeting, allow customers to personalise their webinar presentations with their own brand colours, logos, and domain names. It’s called “white labelling.”

Your brand is regularly exposed to your webinar attendees. Your brand grows more remembered to your target market over time. After that, whenever the guests think about your industry, specialty, or product, your brand is likely to spring to mind.

Comparing this recurrent exposure to a 30-second mention at typical in-person networking or convention events when many other businesses are present, you can see how powerful internet webinars are for branding.

A Great Source of Sales Leads

A firm seeking a leading edge has to develop a steady supply of high-quality sales leads, and this often is the result of an effective and ongoing content production and delivery strategy. Hosting online webinars helps you to reach numerous people at once. These are qualified leads since they are ready to listen to your presentation.

Webinar solutions include attendance registration forms to assist organisations collect vital participant data. Before attending the webinar, interested parties must complete the registration form with their contact information.

In addition to collecting contact information, presenters can invite listeners to engage in a Q&A session or polls that are shown throughout the webinar. This data may be utilised to generate sales leads.

Online webinars may help develop brand loyalty by allowing current and future customers to engage more personally with the brand/business. Webinars, especially when delivered in partnership with your chosen expert public relations partner in Thailand, can humanise businesses by presenting them via presenters.

Furthermore, as you continue to establish your competence in your field through your webinar presentations, the target audience’s trust in your services, goods, and brand grows rapidly.

How does a Webinar Strengthen Business Relationships?

While networking events used to be the go-to approach for developing business contacts and enduring partnership marketing, the time allotted to introduce yourself and your company in person, and in a limited timeframe and limited format, is frequently insufficient to leave a lasting impact.

Webinars, on the other hand, allow businesses and their representatives to effectively introduce themselves to potential customers, workers and suppliers. They can show off their wares and explain their objective in as much depth as the webinar presenter wants. Length of Webinar? The host decides, and if they are “interesting enough”, they will have the entire audience’s attention for as long as they would like.

Webinars also create a Better Audience Understanding. Understanding your target market will help you build and sell better products and services, increase sales, and improve long-term performance. Also, current items can be adapted or altered to meet the unique demands of the target market as information becomes available.

Among the many benefits of webinars is that they provide organisations with direct access to important information from participants. Businesses may discover more about what prospects, customers, suppliers, and workers want (or need) either through direct interactions such as in live chat, through polls and in Q&A sessions during the live event.

Webinars in Thailand: Educating the Audience

Online webinars allow businesses to not only learn more about their target audience, but also to exchange valuable knowledge. Webinars can range from small-group coaching to large-group instruction and information-sharing. This implies that the audience has a lot to gain as their worries and interests shape the debate in real time, and this is the most exciting aspect of the Webinar as an engagement tool and comms platform This also specifically distinguishes online webinars from other platforms used by businesses to educate their customers.

Even if the number of participants is comparatively huge, each attendee has access to the host(s) via a chat option, or at least to a member of the admin team or PR agency’s staff who are managing the live event.

The top webinar systems, like MegaMeeting, provide private and public chat features that allow for orderly and discreet interaction among participants. Zoom and Teams offer this too, of course. Overall, this structure allows each participant to have their problems addressed personally and satisfactorily. When taken in the context of solving customer problems and overcoming custom sales reservations, this results in a connectivity platform which provides “Low-Cost Communications.”

How much does an Asia Pacific Webinar cost?

In fact, one of the standout features of a webinar’s main advantage is in its low cost. A strong webinar software basis and a robust internet connection are required to organise a successful online event; aside from this, you’re pretty much good to go, and from anywhere and from any venue of your choosing. Obviously, cost-effective operations are critical to any business or organization’s success., and the Webinar tool can play a key role here in getting your message out there affordably.

How does business webinar save money?

With webinar solutions, companies will definitely save money on unnecessary travel to networking events, seminars, and one-on-one meetings. Instead of spending money and time travelling to visit a small group of present (“in-person”) potential suppliers or customers, firms may host frequent webinars instead as an organised series, for much greater impact. This helps them to develop their network through larger one-to-many marketing and sales webinars.

Invite Industry Experts to your webinar

Businesses may invite industry experts to some of these online events by conducting frequent webinars; you may hear this referred to as a business seminar or online symposium. This means businesses may tap into the industry experts’ knowledge, skills and market reach to generate fresh leads, and garner and capture interest in their brand and products.

Influencers and industry experts often advertise future online events to their own followers, even if it isn’t their immediate profession. Having a frequent industry expert speaker at your webinar events also helps establish your brand as an industry authority.

Conclusion on Usefulness of Webinars

Webinars allow today’s businesses to easily engage with modern global audiences. Businesses can consistently reap the benefits of a webinar with the correct solution and execution. Tools like MegaMeeting and ActivePresenter, as well as the participation and support of a leading Bangkok-based PR agency, has been one of the most popular and feature-rich webinar solutions for clients in APAC.

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