Here are 11 great tips to get creative brain in gear. These are some of the most effective methods for brainstorming innovative ideas. Are you looking for creative PR campaign activation inspiration but hit a brick wall? Are you having difficulty getting started on a project due to a lack of focused energy, or are you still seeking for an appropriate angle without knowing which way to take your post-pandemic creative strategy? You just need a technique (or stack of techniques) to re-energize your brain and get the creative amplifiers powered up and flowing in the rock and roll zone.

How do you stay creative in the aftermath of a pandemic? Exactly as before: Inquiring is important to the brainstorming process 

The process of developing excellent ideas is partially analytical. You should be sceptical of everything and asking yourself, “Does this adequately address the brief?” Is this a viable option? You must be as objective as possible with regard to your own subjectivity.

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01. Be self-aware, and write everything down on the assumption you will forget later

It is critical to take notes, otherwise you may lose track of what you stated. Also, journal everything. One really useful tip is that if you have scruffy handwriting or lay your notes out in a frantic fashion whilst writing down discussed ideas, to-do lists and things, you’ll have trouble recalling them by importance and will likely miss key details. Aside from the trusty notepad, a big white board right above your desk is hard to miss and had to misunderstand.

02. Maintain effective use of time management

That sounds like something from an eighties business manager book, but it’s more true now than ever – especially in the always-on era where the phone never stops kicking off with notifications. Streamline what’s important, and during creative spells, use flight mode, as it’s impossible to be creative under pressure properly as it demands flow to gently and positively focus for good outcomes.

03. Seek inspiration from the natural world – green things help human brains

Seek inspiration from sources outside than the topic of design on which you are currently working. This can be especially true for people who particularly enjoy landscape vistas or animals. They don’t even need to be yours.

While it’s beneficial to be informed of developments in the world re news and industry events, you may be as inspired by what you see outside of your creative PR campaign design endeavours.

04. Revel in complete transparency as a goal and focus area

Everyone participating in the idea generation process should be well familiar with the brief. Nothing should be concealed from the creative team, as they need every vein of available resource to be successful in meeting the pitch and project communication goals. Clients without a scope of work and who refuse to provide any kind of brief are likely to find it difficult to find a capable agency to pick up their request. They are also wasting their agency’s time, essentially, and this should be made clear to them in no uncertain terms.

05. Inquire about the brief (in continuation to the previous point)

Inquiring is important to the brainstorming process. Creative PR campaign? Yep, you guessed it… ask as many questions as possible, as even unanswered questions can result in ideation.

06. Gather around an appropriate table – or virtual central desk!

While hot desking and easy seats are fashionable, it is actually far more creative to work at a good conference table, and this applies to the virtual world too. Pick a conjoint central meeting environment that everyone at least likes, at the very least. If two team members love Zoom but hate Teams, for example, then don’t force them to use the less popular environment. Pick a room!

07. Return to the fundamentals using actual objects

Leave the computer behind and embrace tactile materials such as paint brushes, fashion and fabrics, newspapers, musical instruments, stones, art, technology … whatever it is that most inspires you with a given project. When your ideas are created on a computer, it’s easy to forget that it’s a tactile experience; these are reminders.

08. Be truthful (one of the best brain freeze hacks: tricks for kicking your creative brain into gear)

It’s critical to be candid while considering what others have suggested and the tear sheets/briefing packs they’ve brought in, the half-baked (or overcomplicated) marketing plans they have, etc. If someone is completely committed to a concept but knows no one else is, it will motivate them to ensure it is truly a fantastic idea from the start.

09. Use word games to spark creativity

Word games are an excellent technique to stimulate creativity and encourage lateral thinking. Word Association across collaborative teams is particularly powerful for ideation.

Consider utilising what you may refer to as ‘essential words’ to capture your thoughts — phrases that contain the energy, personality, and message you wish to convey, even if they appear absurd. After a day or two, you may discover something that connects with what’s on your mind.

10. Take a moment and allow the information to soak in.

If we have time, we’ll discuss ideas and then take a couple of days off to let each other’s ideas sink in. The second visit, often virtually, is frequently considerably more successful, and we typically have more visual stuff at this point. This is a great approach to strong relationship building over time too.

11. Use apps

Too much to cover here, but head over to Google Play Store or Apple Store and hit up “ideation” or “creative tools” or “simple project management”, there’s lots to go at there.

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