Top 20 newspapers Thailand

Top 20 Newspapers in Thailand

Before beginning on putting together your media outreach campaign, it’s essential to get a perspective on the Thailand newspapers landscape.

Measuring public relations

Data and Reporting Media Results

There is a great deal in proving KPI delivery, but are there valid techniques for measuring public relations efficacy?

Press kits Thailand

Press Kits that Work for Brands in Thailand

Most organisations have realised the benefits of selecting Gemini PR to send out traditional and online press kits at a lower overall cost.

Media list Thailand

How to Target the Right Media?

Targeting the right media list in Thailand is a key component in the success of your media communications strategy for your business.

Media kit Thailand

PR Essentials when Creating a Media Kit?

A media kit serves as a style guide for anyone looking to tell your story. It can also improve media relations and boost chances of coverage.


Media Training: Preparing for Interview

Media training can help you develop the ability to deliver a great speech, and be able to interact effectively with the media.

Preparing for media interview

Preparing for Media Interview in Thailand

Media interview might be intimidating, but with the correct preparation, it becomes much simpler to take advantage of these opportunities.

Media coverage Thailand

What Makes Good Media Coverage?

Good media coverage is about offering value to your audience, engaging with them, and sharing your brand's narrative.

pr strategy brand campaign

PR Strategy and Brand Campaigns

Read our PR strategy and brand campaigns guide to increase your company's sales and consumer loyalty in Thailand.

Chinese PR agency Thailand

Chinese Speaking PR Agency in Thailand — 你好

We’ve recently added Chinese language editing capacity to our internal team to meet the increasingly diversifying needs of our expanding client base.

Mistake writing press release

Common Mistakes when Writing a Press Release

There are a number of things that are necessary to ensure your release obtains optimum communications efficacy.

Media value irrelevant KPI

Why has Media Value Become an Irrelevant KPI?

We measure media value because we are required to do so, but to us, there are much more important real-world indicators and ‘true to life’ KPIs.