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We approach every single social post we create with the care and creativity that goes into a television commercial (TVC). We care about every word and consider our name to be on each and every one, so they have to be perfect – and meet your social media management and strategy goals.

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A lot of businesses find that the creation, curation and composition of their social content can be a significant time-drain on internal marketing team resources, so they outsource to achieve agility and meet their content goals.

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    Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This involves creating, publishing and analysing the results of content and collaterals you create for distribution on your social media channels. Managing social media may also include engaging and interacting with social media users and responding to customers for feedback and complaints resolution (depending on if this is a client requirement). You can use tools, services – and social media manager personnel – to oversee your social media management.

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    A popular option for clients here at Gemini is our fixed price “8 posts per month” package for a set fee of 20,000 THB per month, and with further discounts available for clients who wish to lock in for the long term. We pride ourselves on creating content which goes way beyond that drafted and posited by other PR companies in Thailand. We are native English, pro’s at content, and AI and digital natives too – so we’re the only real choice for superb social media management performance and SoMe comms. This product is called SoMe by GeminiTM.

    Social media management is a considerably broad field, and so let us focus specifically on the “content calendar management” segment. In the context of managing the creation of content for your social media pages, your social media manager will firstly create several “content pillars”, which will be ballpark topic guides for the different types of content you’re going to put out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. Those may be things like, “educate the readership”, “explain key product benefits”, “contribute to the industry-wide discussion,” etc.

    Next, the calendar will need to specify how many times you wish to post each month – if you’re not sure, we normally recommend to our clients to begin with 8 posts per month, and tweak from there. You can set out a rough calendar setting out days/dates when each pillar type should be posted against. From here, you can start working on your content, remembering of course that your photos, videos and links are all just as important as the text.

    It is the role of your social media manager – or Gemini – to handle this for you.

    When it comes to choosing which platforms to use for which of your content pillars, you need to think in terms of where your target consumers or B2B stakeholders like to congregate, and also think in terms of what content they are likely to enjoy.

    If you’re creating rich and in-depth business opinion pieces, you are more likely to post either on your business LinkedIn page, or your director’s personal LinkedIn page; conversely, if you’re set on producing short, snappy, witty and clever “food hack” type content, then TikTok may be where you most quicky pick up some wildfire spread.

    When creating your initial content pillars and monthly calendar, try to identify how many different platforms you are likely to be using regularly – then you can tailor your pillars and by-platform content efforts to meet your goals.

    When working with a PR partner, it is helpful for the agency to have a good understanding of what you’ve done so far on your social pages, what worked, what didn’t, etc., and whether you want to invest some extra in boosting posts.

    Gemini’s standard Social Media Management package, SoMe by Gemini, is 20,000 THB per month (about 600 USD). This includes 8 posts per month, as well as all of the above mentioned creation and planning aspects which are important to making your social media strategy successful.

    It is important to look at the performance of individual posts across your various platforms and see what content is doing well and where. This is even more important when you are paying to boost any favourite posts as you need to ensure you are getting good ROI on your social spend.

    Facebook, for example, offers detailed stratified targeting and reporting metrics, KPI plotting and ROI data, which is all helpful in creating and modifying your campaigns. There are also a wealth of third party data tools, results monitoring and workflow streamlining tools which will help you on your way. Please contact us to discuss further by reaching out via the contact form.

    When choosing the platforms to use for your content strategy, you need to think in terms of where your target consumers or B2B stakeholders like to hang out and consume content, and also think in terms of what content they are likely to enjoy. This will help guide your hand to begin with, although you may not know fully until you try. Perhaps your light-hearted and non-business-related funny post you send on Monday was just the thing to brighten a few people’s days on a tough week …

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