PR Job Opportunity in Thailand

Joining a very dynamic team gives PR candidates a chance to build and grow a diverse skill set, while quickly becoming a key staff member and thereby growing into a very senior role quickly. A PR Manager has to be talented, attentive to needs, and be able to respond to and complete a range of duties.

Job Requirements

(Open to Thai nationals only)


**Essential Skills**

Excellent communication skills in English and Thai.
Excellent organizational and planning skills.
Have a full understanding of media requirements.
Be proactive, reliable, responsible and accurate with an attention to detail.
Be committed to keeping information confidential.
Self-motivated with a positive and professional approach to management.

**Roles & Responsibilities**

Field media questions and reply to requests.
Prepare media kits and pitch stories to the media.
Build and grow a media database for clients and the agency, and join client meets by video link.
Organise media events (press conferences, media interviews, product launches, media visits etc).
Translate press articles from English into Thai.
Coordinate with copywriters, event organizers and other professional partners.

**Education Requirements**

Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Journalism, English, Communications or Marketing.
Excellent English/Thai communication skills.
Mid-level management role capabilities.
3+ years of experience in PR/media communication.

**Employee Benefits**

Medical insurance after probation period.
Annual performance bonus.
10 days annual leave in addition to public holidays.
Seminar and training for all employees, and active calendar of social events.

Gemini PR Job Application

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    Why working at Gemini PR Agency?

    Our staff enjoy growth and success opportunities that they would have no chance of accessing at larger, older firms; those companies tend to neglect individual team members as being part of larger, forgotten teams. It is important to know that your route to a future successful director-level PR career is supported from your first day of working with Gemini PR. As a young and fresh PR firm, we like to do things differently to the old-school agencies. We love to be out and about round town and meeting clients; we encourage our staff to attend events and grow their connections, because public relations is after all a people business.

    We provide online training courses to our staff when they feel the need to up-skill in a certain area; that could be public relations in general, crisis management, leadership, or any number of other great skills to learn. We support the entry of young people in the industry and do everything we can to nurture those talents towards success. That’s why we value commitment, dedication, attention to detail and a desire to succeed above all else (as well as good English skills).

    Ongoing public relations

    PR Career Development Pathway at Gemini

    Public Relations Manager > Senior PR Manager > PR Account Director > PR Director

    The time spent during each section of your career journey at Gemini is a direct result of your own efforts and commitment, and therefore the only limit is your imagination and dedication! We are keen for staff not to ever ‘get stuck’ in a role and be unable to make progress, as this is a commonly reported complaint made against other old-school PR agencies in our industry – and we’re way better in helping you pursue your goal of achieving a PR Job Offer Bangkok.

    “We believe that a person’s job gives them self-confidence over time, which can’t be taught. It only happens when someone believes in you.”

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    Progress to a Bright Future

    Tell us about what you see as being your career goals, and the things most important to you personally. We want to support you in having a great working life, and offer a chance to connect across the amazing city of Bangkok, and also enjoy some great times together at evenings or weekends, too, should you so choose.

    Here at Gemini, the team of founders is always working on something, so although we try not to bother you out of hours, due to time zones or client need, there may be occasional requirement to keep a flexible approach to hours worked. We pledge to always treat our staff fairly and provide a rewarding working environment – wherever that may be! We therefore provide 10 days annual leave in addition to Thailand public holidays, which we hope more than makes up for this.

    Internal communication

    Bonus Scheme for Client Retention

    We pay a bonus every single month per retained account, so any new business which comes in will see your month-on-month take-home pay increase, while also giving strong motivation to protect those great client accounts we already have. We are sure you will love working with them! We’re lucky at Team Gemini to be able to work for (and partner) some really great companies and some wonderful media organisations in Thailand, many of whom are lifelong friends to the founders.

    We work carefully on building close and friendly daily working relationships with clients, and so a key part of having you on board is in developing and nurturing close relations with both media and clients. That means going to a lot of cool events, enjoying luxury experiences, and loads of great food to try … all part of your journey at the top of Bangkok’s PR industry!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Public Relations Job Opportunity in Bangkok

    • Consulting with clients daily to provide updates and reports on project progress
    • Creating and updating a PR plan, to plot our client events and happenings and time communications
    • Translate English language press releases into Thai and send out to large mailing lists
    • Greet media representatives from newspapers, magazine and TV at events and record their attendance, while handling on-site/hotel’s event team
    • A key part of the role is also to make your own media connections by calling media to see if they have received press releases (and making new friends in the process!)
    • Event Management in general, working with external agency
    • Monitor Google to see where a news release has been published and create different types of report on the findings
    Public relations job Thailand

    For candidates keen to enter the PR industry in Thailand and grow their public relations skills, there is a diverse mix of operator agencies in the market. New graduates will find that their skills are there to be leveraged by the industry and will grow very quickly; this is because as the economy recovers post-covid, agencies are being approached by more and more small businesses and large corporations to take care of their PR and communication needs.

    From a recruiting agency perspective, the most important attribute a candidate can have is that they are Thai citizens who also have confidence and appetite for learning and improving their English skills. As the young generation are regularly exposed to English language media on Netflix Thailand and the other streaming platforms, younger candidates are more likely to have a good standard of English. All other PR skills can be learned, essentially. It is not expected that new graduates will already have an extensive black book of media contacts; these can be picked up during the course of their working life. For more senior level managers joining the business, this will be massively helpful and make work much more enjoyable daily.

    Experienced PR professional seeking work

    Gemini PR is currently in process of recruiting for PR Managers. We ideally require someone who has more than four years of experience in the PR & communications field. We will also be recruiting quite shortly for more entry-level roles, but our main focus currently is on recruiting PR pros who want to grow their careers successfully and be directors in the medium term. We are looking for highly capable PR people who do not require immediate training, at least in reference to our PR Manager role specifically. It would also be a great asset to the candidate if they have a decent level of media & journalist connections and personal relationships. Good English skills are a must.

    Soft skills, also known as common skills or core skills, are skills relevant to all (or almost all) professions. They include critical thinking, problem solving, public speaking (this one is a challenge for all of us, so don’t worry), professional standard of writing, teamwork, digital literacy, leadership (or ability to grow into a leadership role), professional attitude, appearance which is important in customer-facing and event-oriented roles like in PR, work ethic, reliability, career management aptitude, intercultural knowledge, and a strong affinity for new media channels.

    Some PR specific ones include: resilience and ability to further grow resilience to stress, shocks, deadlines, complaints, etc.; workflow understanding, plus the ability to simplify and improve processes; being self-motivated, which is very important when significant periods of the working day can be spent at home or on-site; being amiable and able to quickly build friendships and to be fun, too, which is important for sales and relationship management; and finally, another important soft skill is being able to gain an understanding of the media landscape through a willingness to learn and keep learning.

    Technical or applicable skills for PR

    As with almost every type of business these days, we expect all people who join the company to have sufficient competency in: Google Drive, Powerpoint, MS Word and email management – these are necessary hard skills that we lean on all the time. It helps to be fluent in all of today’s social media platforms too (LinkedIN certainly, and also Instagram) and messaging apps (LINE and WhatsApp are a must).

    Non-essential but helpful hard skills might include: graphic design, presentation creation (we work heavily on Google Slides), report writing, image curation (gallery creation and image sorting), and also a keen eye for getting Google search engine results quickly and organising that data efficiently.

    Fast. And at times unrelenting. On an operational note, there is always a balance to be sought between handling current clients and their deadline demands whilst also contributing to capturing new business – one of the big challenges faced by agencies is the constant need to create new prospective proposals to win business. One way around this is in successful “word of mouth” business capture, and so a lot of your success will be down to your hard work, connections, networking, personality and ability to sell our business to great new client partners.

    We are sent a lot of client briefing documents. Some of these can be long and extensive, so it’s helpful if you have the skill to remove parts that are non-essential and cut to the core messaging and basic requirements, which is an approach many people who deal with events or contracts in one way or another will understand very well. Even our founders sometimes take quite a lot of time to fully understand customer requirement briefing documents! This is another example area why we consider the strong English skill of our new PR Managers to be utterly essential – and so too with dealing with international and western businesses. It’s cool too if you are comfortable dealing with influencers and getting prices, handling negotiation, etc. Every day is different, and there is always one new challenge to learn how to problem-solve or successfully handle.

    Phones often light up with messages first thing in the morning. Whilst we do everything we can to limit work contact to the hours of the working day, the working methodologies of the industry – and client management in particular – mean that some overspill is unavoidable. We are Gmail (Google Workspaces) based, and so we try to do everything within our team interactions using the Google platform, so that includes working on Google Drive to share and collaborate on documents, Google Slides to edit proposals, and Google Docs for a lot of our other client interactions.

    We do a lot of work offline and on our own initiative on our own desktops, and then communicate via our team LINE account re outcomes and deadlines. For client communication, we use email and video call (the latter of which can be on Google, Zoom, Teams or LINE Call, depending on what the client wants).

    The PR Manager’s daily working remit will be on all those essential workflows that enable them to be successful at doing the core aspects of their job. So that means fielding media questions and answering requests, sending images to media, discussing with clients about project requirements and getting approval for information we need to put out. The PR Manager will help to prepare media kits and pitch stories to the media, while also building and growing both their own – and our team’s – media database for clients and agency. You’ll also be dealing with Thai photographers and Thai MCs, both male and female, and also dealing with hosting event venues and their own internal events teams.

    You’ll be busy helping to organize media events (press conferences, media interviews, product launches, media visits), and we’ll also rely on you to handle the translation of press releases or articles from English into Thai, while also helping to coordinate with copywriters, event organizers and others. We try and do a lot of visits to media organisation offices, too, and these are really fun and rewarding!