A Unique Expertise From A History Of Working As Automotive Journalists

All of the indicators point to massive upswings in export volume, not to mention a fast-recovering domestic retail environment as buyer sentiment once again looks strong. It’s a competitive space and so car, bike and truck makers in the Kingdom are always very appreciative of the helping hand Gemini provides in this specialised, technical space.

The field of automotive marketing communication requires industry knowledge acquired from being immersed in the sector, and specific skills, experience and expertise which can only be gleaned from a history of working as automotive journalists. Volvo, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Ford, Harley Davidson, McLaren, Maserati, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW Motor Sales and Mercedes Thailand – our automotive portfolio eclipses every other PR firm in Asia, and we’d love to share those portfolio pieces with you to show them off.

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    From Motor Shows And Track Days To Road Trips And Overseas Model Launches

    We leverage deep technical knowledge in the field, as well as an ability to get across key information to media consumers via appropriate channels in an engaging, captivating and/or exciting narrative-oriented approach (much as one would expect from a test drive write-up in a glossy magazine…).

    We’re also taking the lead in Thailand and Malaysia as we work with both standout premium influencers, and ‘up-and-coming’ micro and nano KOLS who all have a story to tell about your new car or motorcycle, all in pursuit of driving your online engagement and market slice.

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    Beyond those household automotive names revered around the world, we’ve also worked on a number of highly specialised client accounts, including for Thai-based vehicle modifiers Auto Man and RMA Group (incorporating Global Fleet Sales, the official distributor for Ford Motor Cars in Asia), and for Mazda’s vehicle retail operation in the Kingdom.

    From motor shows and track days to road trips and overseas model launches, we have been the trusted automotive PR agency in Thailand for the last 13 years, although only recently under our own brand (with Gemini). This is a significant new happening for the automotive sector, as it’s the first time marketers in this arena have had the dedicated skill set of a focused automotive PR agency.

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    We want to hear about your growth plans in Thailand’s exciting automotive arena; we want to know about the challenges you are facing as a brand manager, marketing director or sales team leader; we want to help you nail down your diversified 360-degree Public Relations strategy with our multi-channel approach that devastates others automotive PR agency.

    When you close your eyes, do you hear that guttural howling wail that sets the skin alight with pin-pricks of adrenalin? Or do you have your customers’ ultimate safety, comfort and technological convenience foremost in your mind?

    Whatever your specific marketing objectives, model launch calendar or social content strategy need, we’re at the front of the grid for automotive PR in the Kingdom of Thailand.

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