Thailand Is Renowned For Its Enthusiastic Support Of Exciting Sports

As citizens become more aware of the positive mental health benefits of team/solo sports and fitness, in addition to readily understood merits physically, a sporting calendar for your own organisation (no matter your industry) can be a boon for staff and a draw for consumers and media.

If you are planning your own schemes of collaborative programs internally, it is worthwhile having a sport PR agency on hand to support with your press release distribution, web copy, briefing books, welcome speeches, etc. We are doing exactly this for the CMHK Hiking Festival and Blue Cross sponsorship in support of the sport of Asian fencing.

Sport PR agency Thailand

Thailand itself of course is renowned for its enthusiastic support of exciting sports like kickboxing & MMA, Futsal, golfing (both for hospitality, and for competition of a world-leading standard), motorsport and MotoGP, horse racing, sailing, kiteboarding & regattas, running & triathlon, the list goes on. Our sport PR agency have spent over a decade working cross-discipline to generate media interest and sponsorship success across these thrilling sports and many more besides.

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    Our strategic approach as a Sport PR Agency centres on leveraging the amazing partnerships and collaborators which are available at your fingertips through our longstanding partnerships and contacts. It is important to understand how your event is likely to “go over” digitally, as the social media and influencer spheres will be absolutely critical to your program being a hit. This is why the omni-channel promotional approach is not only welcome but unavoidable.

    Fitness PR agency Thailand

    The hard work begins way before your go-live day, and so it is massively helpful to have a PR plan in place which begins months before your actual delivery. This plan can encompass a range of digital and traditional channels, sponsorship, KOL, social, paid and owned strategies.

    This is what the integrated PR plan is all about, and is best supported by a full retainer agreement, often running for between 3-6 months, or as tailored to your specific sporting program needs.

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    Our PR sport agency are able to help you navigate regulatory requirements in the Kingdom, as well as planning specifics which need to be taken into consideration with respect of Covid requirements, etc.

    We’re also connected to (and enjoy great personal friendships with) the top sporting media in Thailand, across magazines, radio, newspapers, TV, governmental, podcast, on-demand content providers, blogs and Twitch & FB Live streamers.

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