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    Content marketing is a (largely) strategic marketing approach and omni-channel philosophy focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content which is built to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action, whatever that desired action is determined to be. So instead of just pitching your products or services via advertising or push, you are providing relevant, useful, helpful and valuable content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their challenges.

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    Owned content is material created in-house by the company, including that content published on its own (“owned”) blog pages, in case studies, the overall web content, image databases, etc. Shared content is content created with the intention of garnering some organic wildfire spread. Paid content includes paid-for magazine advertorials and ads, out-of-home and “above-the-line”, as well as boosted social content. Finally, Earned content is media placement opportunities which come about as a result of either your relationship with media organisations or because your news is highly relevant and sought by media consumers as being timely, helpful and therefore wanted for publishing.

    Depending on your communications strategy and your platform(s) of choice, your content marketing may be used to:

    • Add key explanatory text to your website to tell people what you do and what services you offer
    • Create core documents, such as your info sheets, bios, vision and mission statements and other important stakeholder communication types
    • Create content marketing for your PR strategy specifically, such as with a press release, calendar news, photo release or post event scoop release
    • Content marketing used to brief influencers and align communications/messaging focus
    • Content calendars for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, which will form the backbone of your digital communications strategy for the next few months

    Within startups and SMEs, this is usually the role of the marketing manager, or the social media manager specifically for those communication types. In large corporate enterprises, there are typically large teams of people doing both. For start-ups, entrepreneurial/sole trader businesses, smaller partnerships etc., this is done by the owner/decision-maker.

    Whilst this can all be done in-house, it can be time-consuming, and not everyone is skilled at writing those specific messages which connect with audiences and drive desirable actions; or are familiar with format types, which are required to get a press release published, for example. Or even particularly enjoy doing business writing …

    Outsourcing your content marketing to Gemini yields several benefits. First and second, it addresses the above two points. The main advantage though is that you will have a dedicated public relations partner and communications strategist harmonising and leveraging through a consolidated effort built upon approved carefully selected key messages which unify all of your channel strategies into a single deliverable.

    Please contact us to discuss your specific needs, ambitions, goals and challenges.

    It can be useful to take a top-down view of this at the outset to understand the available channels and approaches which can be leveraged through your content marketing strategy.

    Firstly, whether you need the content for the purposes of online vs offline (it can be both).

    Secondly, it’s helpful to your prospective PR partner if you have a budget in mind. If you are expecting a Google Ads-first strategy with strong click engagement results as well as a full online launch – but the budget is limited – you may well find that, following discussion with your PR partner, you realise that an approach based purely on the distribution of very targeted press releases supplemented by a narrowly focused KOL-assisted approach may be best.

    Those are just some mini examples, but more broadly, typical focus areas for content marketing development include:

    • Adding explanatory text to your website, smartphone app or microsite
    • Creating core documents such as your info sheets, bios, vision and mission statements
    • PR tacticals (a large focus area for Gemini), such as for the press release, calendar news, photo release or post event scoop release
    • Content Marketing used to brief influencers and align communications/messaging focus
    • Content calendars for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn
    • EDM to targeted in-industry lists
    • Internal HR comms
    • Whitepaper, litepaper, opinion leadership pieces
    • Blogs, case studies, microsite distributions, owned content in general
    • Advertorials or paid by-lines
    • Ad infimum – please reach out as we love to “chat content”, even if you’re not quite ready to move ahead just right now.

    Feel free to bounce some ideas off of us.

    Creating SEO content requires writing copy that uses specific search strings that people are looking for, and therefore which has the potential to connect targets to your content marketing offering.

    Interestingly (for all content writers only perhaps), there is often something of an “artistic to-and-fro” between the cold, mechanical, heavily optimised and sometimes-crammed wording used in SEO content marketing compared to the flowing, beautiful prose, idea creation, theoretical propositioning, reasoning and sounding-out, wit, argument and philosophy that is associated with simply great copywriting.

    You may find that a blend of each works best. So, in a content calendar, over each one month that involves eight content posts, four will be keyword-crammed and four will be very prettily written and not optimised. It depends on your overall vision for your own content marketing strategy – or let us advise, if you’re not sure how to position/optimise your posts and content push.

    If you are thinking of outsourcing your social media content, there are essentially two ways of doing it. One involves letting your PR partner create the actual posts (as well as messaging, themes, content pillars, timescales, etc.) and providing you with what is essentially a month’s worth of finished content marketing. You will then post these as and when required on your own social media pages. This is a popular request for Gemini, and something we are doing for clients all the time (the typical cost is 20,000 THB per month). It’s also something we really enjoy working on; preparing content calendars is a bit like painting a wall. The actual painting part (i.e.- writing posts) takes no time at all; but to get a good result when decorating, you spend days preparing the wall’s surface before commencing painting. Social media content success is all about that prep, too.

    We approach every single social post we create with the care and creativity that goes into a television commercial (TVC). We care about every word and consider our name to be on each and every one, so they have to be perfect – and meet your social strategy goals.

    Beyond the creation of the Social Media Content Calendar, some clients will ask if it is possible for us to manage the actual page. This could mean taking control of the client business’s CEO or spokesperson’s LinkedIn page for a couple of months to create the content and reposition the page, headings, introduction, connection-building, etc. Or it could mean taking control of the client’s Facebook business page to respond directly to customer questions and complaints posted visibly and publicly by way of comments on the page in an effort to improve customer service performance.

    It all depends on your exact needs, so please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

    Allowing Gemini to create your content calendar is a simple and affordable way to add the consulting of the industry’s best PR firm to your business, delivering content marketing that pops, and connects to your target audience.

    SoMe by Gemini – We’ve introduced a popular service for social media, our “content calendar” creation, in response to a growing number of companies who have been asking us to provide this service. Fixed price of 20,000 THB per month for a calendar perfected down to 8 posts, each and every month… for as long as you need.

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