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    The essence of your corporate comms is centred on the key building blocks which include: your company ethos and personality as encapsulated by your global tagline and any slogans, your brand positioning (as expressed by the formula “XX is a XX which aims to XX”), your vision, mission, charter, brand USP, tone of voice, origin and narrative, and your halo messages which will drive the development of your brand key messaging, as well as how your sub-messaging supports your USPs.

    A lot of branding agencies and PR firms find corporate communications a dry subject, in the sense that it is easier for more junior marketing comms people to describe a lifestyle experience, hotel brand or a technology product. A significant challenge presents when a very large conglomerate operates in many markets, and is seeking to unify its messaging across disparate business units and to multiple segmented consumer or B2B buyer demographics.

    Corporate communication Thailand

    An approach of working almost fully in-house with the client (even if done remotely) is often required in the first instance.

    This is because it is necessary to “live and breathe” a brand before commencement – even for a company that produces photocopier paper or plumbing fittings – in order for the PR to absorb the proposition, understand the corporate structure and internal planning nuances, build out the prospect, leverage pre-existing communications balance, lean on existing owned content where helpful to do so, seek approval for internal branding and product rights, and so forth.

    Gemini is Thailand’s leading expert in Corporate Communication. This area of PR is a core part of our offering, and you’ll definitely want us working “in-house” with you in the manner just described above.

    We are Thailand’s strongest ‘power element’ when it comes to injecting and re-energising the way the world sees your business. And we will bring more revenue and greatly enhanced growth prospects to your company as a result of our corporate communications expertise.

    Whilst it is relatively easy to understand why storytelling, origin & backstory development, and delivering a brand promise and offering which connects to the hearts of people would be important for a B2C, hospitality or lifestyle products company… how should this be approached for corporate enterprises?

    For businesses selling a specific product or solution into a specific market – or to a very well-identified customer type – corporate communication should be focused around expertise, carefully explained benefits and demonstrable proof of past successes; for large corporations with wide portfolios of solutions being sold into many countries, corporate communications should be kept to an ‘umbrella’ approach to facilitate the development of sub-brands and unique country operations.

    This is an important distinction because the development of effective key messages form the essential messaging platform from which all other communications will be delivered. Corporate communications, then, is essentially identifying, clarifying and repurposing what a company believes about itself and what it wants others to know – and those “others” may well be other commercial enterprises.

    Whereas lifestyle marketing is ‘free’ in terms of the level of creativity which can be applied to its corporate communication planning, with corporate communication, it is all about targeted, relevant, specific and customer-appropriate messaging. And thusly, an effective corporate communications strategy is important in terms of A) positioning your business and offering correctly, B) conveying important information and building connection to target customers, and C) differentiating you from customers, which you do through accurately (but still passionately) explaining your legacy, personality and key corporate identifiers.

    It can often be challenging for a business to stand out in a crowded market of competitors selling similar products and services. Does an IT solutions business focusing on printer contract rentals seem all that different to other operators providing the same service? What if the business has been known for that offering for 50 years and now wishes to diversify its scope of products it offers?

    It can also be different to conveniently package massive conglomerates. Imagine a Japanese industrial company that makes wind turbines for Europe, oil rigs for Asia, and provides power generation equipment of Africa. The company’s current slogan might be something wilfully vague like “go further”, but the new CEO hates it. How to communicate its personality? Or how to put across the news of its restructuring in a way that is likely to be interesting to the vastly different types of media consumers who will receive its marketing communications?

    The range of challenges that meet corporate communication strategists is quite broad, and many industries are evolving quickly, leading to rapid shifts in adaptation being needed. Please contact Gemini to discuss your specific needs, challenges or opportunities. Or just put in a request for a casual call-back – we love to shoot the breeze over comms strategies, as it’s a core part of our business partnerships.

    As industries of every kind have evolved to adapt to deal with the pandemic (and post-pandemic life), meetings and events have gone online. Those that do take place in person tend to be hybrid type of affairs, leveraging a considerably online-led approach. Media correspondents are now used to attending virtual press conferences, online-only seminars and streaming post-event casts at a time that is convenient for them. Consumers meanwhile have “learned to love” the Facebook Live Cast format, as well as spending more time-consuming Vlogs on Youtube than actual old-school programmes on TV.

    Your format, your choice. We can help steer you to the appropriate communication format that best serves your needs, while also dealing with media consumption demographic targeting, production development, delivery and post-distribution results analysis and reporting.

    As with virtually all types of public relations communications formats, the key to remember is preparation. For any video project, cast or conference, this means very carefully created MC scripts, media kit and briefing documentation, Q&A with key messages and suggested bridging, as well as a raft of supporting documentation (press releases, bios, fact sheets, photo releases and scoop stories) for when your video goes live.

    We will take care of all of this for you as part of our packages or retainer services.

    A fully-integrated corporate communications retainer agreement with Gemini would typically include:

    • 8-12 Press releases per year, which may alternatively be calendar news, photo release or post event scoop release
    • Online press conference or product launch inc. IG/FB Livecasts or webinar (including media/audience curation)
    • Affiliates/ambassadors and KOL/influencer marketing & management
    • One-on-one media interviews
    Social media management or social media content creation
    • Effective planning for crisis management and mitigation, and training if required.

    Alternatively, any of the above are available as standalone services or as part of a bespoke package, as well as other additional services such as EDM marketing or creative event management, depending on client’s specific circumstances, needs and/or budget. Our standalone Crisis Management and Crisis Response service, for example, is free for retainer clients, and is very popular as a standalone option for corporate businesses. The Crisis Response by Gemini cover is just 25,000 THB per year.

    Please reach out for a bespoke plan. In the meantime, we’ve tried to make the process as simple and as lightweight as possible by providing both indicative pricing and pre-priced easy packages which are designed to deliver what is needed in each case, and with a simple and easy-to-understand fee for those services.

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