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Gemini’s team of PR C-suite experts have guided some of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket’s most popular and most premium hotels, hospitality and F&B brands. We are still the industry’s most prolific hotel press release writers and distributors with full data analysis reporting and marketing decision-making support for your GM, Hotel Managers and portfolio directors.

It’s worth persevering with, however, as the constant drip-drip of ‘top-of-mind’ positioning means you have a chance at some cut-through.

Consumers are always on the lookout for great value F&B promotions and new high luxury experiences. Beyond the tried-and-true press release push, there are a wealth of new channels through which you can reach your targeted hospitality demographics and unlock new sales funnels.

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You need a collaborative hospitality PR agency that works literally in-house with you and exploits the digital edge where travellers, business users, foodies and mass-market consumers connect with brands, and for which they develop lifelong loyalty and lasting value for the operator – and that can mean across all of the locations throughout oft-extensive hospitality brand portfolios.

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    Whether you feel that your established comms seeding is working and you just need some creative power in terms of content creation or in terms of tactical delivery to the region’s top media, or you’re under pressure to bring sales funnels closer to target and need the punch of Gemini’s integrated channel capability, we’re here to nail your competitors shut.

    A beacon among the world’s top hospitality destinations, Thailand will emerge victorious once again, now that (hopefully) the main macro impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic are behind us and we can all return to profitability and growth.

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    Most Popular Influencers For Thailand Travel Industry In 2022

    Influencer marketing is an essential route to connectivity in today’s market, as are co-branded event opportunities and a dedicated comms strategy centred on the gastro and mixology spheres (and on data and insights across all of your recent multi-channel activities). You also need to make sure that your online assets and any promotional microsites are kicking some in terms of your SEO draw.

    Hotels and restaurant chains which focus on using the messaging tools proffered by Bangkok’s last-gen PR agencies will not be able to thrive.

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    As the industry jointly re-emerges blinking into the harsh sunlight of an extremely competitive environment, we are at your side to throw open the doors to an avid B2B and B2B set who are ready to spend on the unique experience your venues offer to guests; to collaborators, to media, and to your developing marketing plan and forthcoming venue launches along your road to hospitality industry success.

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