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The crucible of competitive gaming is giving global brands some significant exposure and media value whilst serving as great sponsorship opportunities platforms, even for companies not immediately associated with the industry, in all of its various iterations and sub-genres (hand-drawn gothic Asian-anime turn-based tactical team multiplayer, anyone?)

There are many elements of the gaming industry which are ripe for exploration and leveraging by all manner of corporations and leading-edge SMEs who are willing to look. Thailand, for example, has one of the world’s most avid demographics of keen, committed (and addicted) gamers, in part owing to the very high mobile gaming penetration per capita.

Esports PR agency Thailand

So, when you’re seeking a local gaming & esport PR agency partner to put out your comms in Asia which are aimed at connecting with specific communities such as these, it’s helpful to have someone on the ground that really understands the field.

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    We continue to support LG Electronics in Asia with the ongoing rollout of its UltraGear, Smart LED and AMOLED hardcore gaming screens, and have taken on a number of other interesting projects in Hong Kong and Thailand, including for several new MMO releases like World of Warships.

    We’ve also worked on projects with non-gaming brands like KFC, who’ve been smart and agile in responding to the excellent opportunities that connecting with millions of gamers can give to brands seeking credible association through sponsorship or press communication and events co-branding.

    Gaming PR agency Thailand

    Our gaming & esport PR agency supported very large international events (such as Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit, which contained a full segment on e-Gaming) with press release distribution, speechwriting, MC script production, media Q&A, FAQ, briefing book production, influencer marketing and event planning, delivery and live-casting.

    We were proud to work with some heavyweight media friends on these projects too, and we are often asked to connect our US-based and Thai-based media contacts to deliver the broadest possible high-value international reach to campaigns.

    Most Popular Influencers For Thailand Gaming & eSport In 2022

    We’ve also got some of the gaming industry’s hottest KOLS, influencers, streamers, Twitchers and FB Livecasters on our roster. So, let’s go! Let’s compete, and let’s win together.

    Brands can really amplify their visibility and grow their reach into younger consumer demographics by leveraging on the popularity of the hottest games and eSport contests of the moment. We can create a launch campaign for you which will excite, thrill, get your message across and deliver exceptional media value.

    Please reach out to discuss your requirements. We love to discuss the industry generally, and we have a greater level of experience and demonstrable/delivered projects in the past than any other Gaming & eSport PR Agency.

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