As of February 2020, the musical genre known as K-pop, which originated in South Korea but has grown to be popular exponentially and globally, has been played more than 4.5 billion times on Spotify. Whilst not everyone’s favourite form of musical expression, it can be quite educational to see if we can draw quite a few different marketing methods or lessons, as a result of how effective the genre has been in taking something quirky and regional and growing it to become an international phenomenon – surely the goal of all would-be successful businesses?

To anyone who is ready to study them (K-pop bands, K-pop artists and producers, brand owners, etc.) because of their vast reach, businesses have the ability to transform consumer encounters into meaningful relationships by adopting the best practises of their customers in colourful, imaginative and cool new ways.

Let’s look first at the following different approaches that guarantee the genre’s continued existence/success.

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Turning Consumer Encounters Into Relationships

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Establishing Credibility Interactive Content That Features a Clear Message

Auditioning is a key component in the process through which the K-pop industry forms bands. Those candidates who are chosen to move through with the process will undergo training for a very intense period of time until they are prepared to make their debut, either as a band or as solo artists.

The management firm will use a variety of promotional methods to get the word out about them in the period of time coming up to their debut, first series of introductory headlining shows, or their album drop. For the purpose of generating excitement, they distribute content marketing such as footage from rehearsals, behind-the-scenes films, and teaser images. These little illustrations are already very instructive for how we may drum up support by way of creating secret or VIP content of our business, location or product.

After making their debut on a music channel or a show, the artist will already have an audience and will have done preliminary promotion for their brand as a result of these earlier efforts. This demonstrates that there is no valid reason to wait until a product is officially released before beginning to promote it – assuming of course you are sure you’re not going to end up not launching and harming the credibility potentially of any product launches that may follow in the pipeline or series cannon.

Content for interactions - Creating Anticipation, Driving Engagement

Maximizing the use of content is a marketing approach, usually in the 360-degree or multi-channel type of integrated marketing or PR program, that can be implemented to increase one’s exposure and should be used whenever possible where a comprehensive attention and engagement result is highly desirable.

Interactivity is a key component of the material that K-pop shares throughout its many social media outlets. Their official fanclub memberships come with a variety of perks, including access to exclusive material, swag, bonus offers, early ticket purchase, competitions and prizes, “an audience with”, grip and grins, and other memorabilia-based activities. There are lots of possible rewards we could offer to our fans, when we sit and think about it.

The regular interaction that takes place between the audience and the performers keeps the audience interested. Their performances are frequently highlighted on online communities and mobile applications such as Instagram Thailand, Reddit and Soompi (for overseas channel comms), amongst many others. This contributes to the development of a good reputation for any brand, be they musical or other.

Maintain a Clear and Strong Message – more K-POP lessons in Thailand

Let us utilize a “Wide Range of Resources while Establishing a Devoted Customer Base”. A successful marketing campaign may be differentiated from a bad one by its continuous message delivery (this is a goal of a sustained PR campaign also). It is doubtful that a brand’s intended audience will get the message that the company wants them to hear if the message that the brand is trying to express has not been stated in a clear and concise manner. It needs to not be confusing too. The core message of a brand (band) may be adapted for usage in a variety of contexts, including press releases, presentation scripts, social media postings, and slogans for advertisements. K-pop songs often express positive sentiments such as love for oneself, optimism, and positive energy. These concepts or ideas are regularly conveyed through the music videos and lyrics of songs such as Love Myself, Stay Gold, and Sea and Answer, amongst others. It is of the utmost importance to create a distinct brand message since doing so showcases the core of a company.

Establishing a Solid Base of Loyal Customers (K-pop fan clubs … but for your company)

One of the unshakable ties that makes up K-pop is the undying support of fans. The fans are so devoted to showing their appreciation for their favourite musicians that they volunteer their time at various organisations and even plant trees in their favourite artists’ honour. K-pop is a platform that brings the idols and their followers closer together. On social media, the musicians let their followers in on their private lives and post photos and updates. The appetites of the viewers can also be satiated via reality programmes and ongoing video blogs, with Insta still the leading platform for this type of content in Thailand. Non-Korean supporters are encouraged to participate through the usage of choruses sung in English, and there is a MASSIVE lesson for us here.

When the public perceives that they have some control, they are more likely to remain loyal. It is essential for any company to have a devoted audience or client base in order to attract prospects.

The final lesson is to “Employ a Wide Range of Instruments”

The value that has been established cannot be maintained alone by the K-pop musicians. In addition to performing live and appearing on reality television shows, they also leverage the power of traditional and social media in order to raise their profile. Artists frequently take on the role of brand advocates. As an illustration, Hwasa has been a part of a great number of collaborations with well-known brands such as Dior, Fendi, Miu Mio, Balmain, and Burberry, amongst others. K-pop did not have any negative effects from the epidemic as a result of the bands’ provision of virtual reality services to their followers. Reaching one’s intended audience in a manner that is both efficient and economical may be facilitated via the utilisation of a range of techniques. In addition to this, it helps to build up loyalty to the brand.

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