Top 20 newspapers Thailand

Top 20 Newspapers in Thailand

Before beginning on putting together your media outreach campaign, it’s essential to get a perspective on the Thailand newspapers landscape.

Bangkok Motor Show Public Relations

Bangkok Motor Show Public Relations

Whether you’re planning to steal the show at Bangkok Motor Show in Thailand, there are many things you can do to punch above your weight.

Talk show style event

Talk Show Style Media Event

Think of the popular US-style talk shows you’ve seen on TV, and you will notice components which make them entertaining and authentic.

PR trends 2022

3 Major Trends in PR and Communications

Learn about the three major PR trends that you should be aware of as a public relations and communication professional in the current era

Building trust and engagement

Building Trust and Engagement

Businesses have to make effective use of their capacity to share their narrative, building trust and engagement with their clientele.

Conversions through communication

Conversions through Communication

Companies who are able to emphasise conversions through communication can get a competitive advantage in today's market.

Measuring public relations

Data and Reporting Media Results

There is a great deal in proving KPI delivery, but are there valid techniques for measuring public relations efficacy?

SaaS PR agency Thailand

PR Strategies for Software as a Service Companies

When SaaS employ effective PR strategies, they reap the benefits of increased brand awareness, media attention, and recruit customers.

PR retainer contract

What Should Include a PR Retainer Contract?

Are you looking for creative PR campaign inspiration but hit a brick wall? Here are some effective methods for brainstorming innovative ideas.

Publicity Thailand

Utilizing Public Relations in Order to Promote Oneself

Publicity is an essential PR instrument for assisting businesses in improving their outwards appearance profile in the public eye.

Beauty PR agency Thailand

Beauty PR Campaign Strategy

Gemini PR Beauty agency helps brands capture the attention of their target audience and differentiate themselves from the competition.

PR for small business

Why Entrepreneurs Invest in Public Relations?

We've compiled a list of do' and don'ts of PR for small business for the creation of your successful public relations strategy.

Press kits Thailand

Press Kits that Work for Brands in Thailand

Most organisations have realised the benefits of selecting Gemini PR to send out traditional and online press kits at a lower overall cost.

Brand awareness Thailand

Brand Awareness – How PR Makes You Stand Out?

Increasing your brand awareness and recognition is a critical first step toward achieving your business and marketing objectives.

PR agency Bangkok

How to Choose a Bangkok PR Agency?

Gemini is a full-service PR agency in Bangkok that partners with brands to help them define and achieve their strategic public relation goals.

Media list Thailand

How to Target the Right Media?

Targeting the right media list in Thailand is a key component in the success of your media communications strategy for your business.

Creative PR agency

How to Remain Creative Post Pandemic?

Are you looking for creative PR campaign inspiration but hit a brick wall? Here are some effective methods for brainstorming innovative ideas.

Public relations startups smes

Public Relations for Startups and SMEs

Good public relations for startups has never been more crucial in today's Thailand competitive markets, both traditional and digital.

PR plan PR campaign

Differences between PR Plan and PR Campaign

The distinction between PR plan and PR campaigns is not as clear as it appears certainly not to who may well be uninitiated with the process.

Lifestyle PR Thailand

Promoting Lifestyle Brands using PR

Lifestyle PR seeks to demonstrate an understanding of the target consumer's lifestyle and the products that fit that lifestyle.


Media Training: Preparing for Interview

Media training can help you develop the ability to deliver a great speech, and be able to interact effectively with the media.

advertising public relations

Advertising vs Public Relations

When most people hear advertising and PR they assume they mean the same thing. In reality, there is a significant difference.

Preparing for media interview

Preparing for Media Interview in Thailand

Media interview might be intimidating, but with the correct preparation, it becomes much simpler to take advantage of these opportunities.

Media coverage Thailand

What Makes Good Media Coverage?

Good media coverage is about offering value to your audience, engaging with them, and sharing your brand's narrative.

pr strategy brand campaign

PR Strategy and Brand Campaigns

Read our PR strategy and brand campaigns guide to increase your company's sales and consumer loyalty in Thailand.

Chinese PR agency Thailand

Chinese Speaking PR Agency in Thailand — 你好

We’ve recently added Chinese language editing capacity to our internal team to meet the increasingly diversifying needs of our expanding client base.

Cryptocurrency PR agency

Cryptocurrency PR Agency for New Gen of Players

Thailand is currently a hot destination for the regional administration of new alternative currency platform coin offerings.

Media value irrelevant KPI

Why has Media Value Become an Irrelevant KPI?

We measure media value because we are required to do so, but to us, there are much more important real-world indicators and ‘true to life’ KPIs.

Ethical PR Thailand

Ethical PR: A Virtuous Communication Strategy

We have 3 tips that will help set you on the course of communicating what can be some of the most important and powerful aspects of your communication strategy: Ethical PR.

PR campaign Thailand

How to Build a Successful PR Campaign?

Ah, the eternal question which has haunted marketers since the dawn of the industry …