Media packages for events include ‘day-of’ facts including date, time, important speakers, and panels; what’s going on, why the whole world needs to be there, etc. This is paramount, and should be first and foremost in the press kit.

Fashion media kits, for example, often includes a goal statement to explain collaborations and positioning, as well as information on their influencer or insider programmes and mobile app development, as there is nearly always a co-branded retailer activation component in these types of strategies.

Sending a real press kit with a customised letter of introduction and product samples might impress key media prospects, government stakeholders in Thailand, “embassies X embassy” in Bangkok, etc. and this approach should be explored in tandem in certain use cases. Online graphic design apps like Canva offer customisable media kit designs. Otherwise, use your own dedicated designer (or ours).

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How to Create a Press Kit - Other key points to consider:

• A great media kit attracts readers and potential sponsors by being informed, succinct, and interesting.

• It’s a terrific location to brag about wins and show other companies and journalists how significant the firm is. This is a great way to show off your work, particularly with regional development and expansion type store rollout plans, etc.

• A media kit should be used to identify a target audience as well as to attract press coverage and influencer relationships. It can control who writes about it and how it is portrayed by providing sponsorship criteria for influencers. It’s one of the finest methods to reach prospective brands and investors, so make it count!

• A Media Kit’s Longevity – A media kit is frequently the first and only impression journalists, media outlets, and influencers get of a company, and is the most lasting.

• The idea is to provide potential advertising buyers every reason (and chance) to contact.

• A media kit can make (or kill) a brand. A well-organized, thorough, and professional media kit shows potential partners that you are organised, careful, and professional.

• Not only does it make the job of journalists easier, but it also helps visitors feel like they are learning about your organisation. And remember, “Trust” is essential in the digital era.

• Consumers and journalists will want to follow and collaborate with a firm they trust. Now the firm has all it needs to develop a successful media kit.

Contents of an Online Press Kit

While some organisations still use PR agencies to send out traditional press kits, most have realised the benefits of going online whilst still selecting a core PR (next-gen) PR agency to support that mission (at a lower overall cost when compared to an expensive, integrated last-gen 360-degree old-school PR agency in Bangkok).

A company without a press kit cannot give vital information to potential consumers. Inspiring story ideas, audio and video clips, data sheets and virtual tours are included in an interactive press kit.

In addition to learning about a product or brand, the greatest press kits provide journalists with information and photographs for a feature. Many components of it are powerful and successful press kit foundational inclusions that would benefit clients and increase exposure.

One may be an overview of a company’s important founder achievements which may be summarised in three or four paragraphs. Also, mention the most current news.

Press Kit: Backgrounder

A backgrounder provides a reporter with information on an event or product. A well-written backgrounder boosts a brand’s credibility and media coverage. Lazada Bangkok, for example, may not need a backgrounder because most media outlets have heard of them. Smaller firms should include a backgrounder that outlines key facts about their company.

A media pack fact sheet is a compact summary of information a writer needs to accurately cover a firm. This covers product names, pricing, where to buy, staff count, and other vital information. Include FAQs if the product or service is technical and frequently changes.

Combine biographies and photographs to humanise a company and reveal its leadership vision. There should be a member available for interviews, expert analysis and speaking engagements. This includes current duties and how they may assist the media.

Recently made notable announcements are also included. To stay current, they should be updated often. This not only helps reporters and prospects locate vital news quickly, but also enhances search engine hits for a firm and its products. The press release headlines should adequately define the material to help the media find particular announcements. Audio samples from recent talks and client testimonials can be utilised. It can be complemented by other images for further impact.

Media Information Pack for Bloggers

Bloggers and reporters can use digital images of key items in various sizes and quality. Short movies can also be used to show products. 360-degree photography can showcase items. Helpful downloadable product specification pages. You may also utilise recent webinar video clips.

To prevent missing out on any possibilities, specify who is the best contact for press inquiries and other such info, etc.

A media kit, press kit, EPK, or any other name, is an essential part of every business. Press kits should be viewed as a mini-resumé of the company’s greatest material. Companies of all sizes might benefit from having their own press kits on hand at all times. A press kit is a collection of handpicked assets and resources chosen to convey a company’s brand and story.

Nowadays, anybody from influencers to bloggers to normal consumers may benefit from seeing a company’s press kit. It saves time and money by avoiding the need to personally sell items or services to every possible journalist, partner, consumer, or investor. A press kit allows firms to present a clear image of themselves to everyone interested. It’s also the greatest and fastest way to convey essential company information with anybody searching.

Although press kits are usually used by huge businesses and corporations, the Internet has brought this useful tool back into fashion. Even tiny companies selling digital photographs on Etsy or specialised blogs may construct a press kit. Artists and filmmakers can also benefit from press kits. A press kit is essential for anybody seeking media attention or promoting their company globally.

Press Kit Elements

What a firm selects to include in its own press kit will be quite specialist or industry specific. There are a few components that every press kit must include, such as company information and personnel bios. They require customer testimonials and quotations, high-resolution photographs and logos, contact information, a fact sheet about the products or services, and connections to all of the company’s social media profiles.

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