When companies look to leverage the assistance of a Thai PR agency especially for the first time, they often have many questions about what is included, or is not included, in their PR retainer. We wanted to offer a simple introduction to how the retainer is put together, how it is administered, and what you can expect from the partnership it facilitates. Our standard services arrangement (or supply contract, if you prefer to look at it that way) is simply called The Retainer by GeminiTM, and it is designed to provide a standardised level of essential PR care, action, protection, ideation, creativity, content creation, release authoring and channel activities to enable you to get your message across, and achieve audience capture and media cut-through.

The specifics of the standard retainer are based on the core essentials: General PR counsel & strategic consultancy, inbound press enquiry management, standard news monitoring & clipping reporting, ongoing media relations, crisis management & response and access to the media and promotional channels via our connections

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In addition, specifically it provides you with:

• 1 or 2 writing and distributing of all kinds of press releases, or alternative release-type documents (calendar news, photo release, scoop, editorial pitch, etc.) per month
• PR brand consulting (and personal thought leader consulting for leaders)
• Detailed ongoing brand positioning support, product USP development, etc.
• Paralegal consultation (on a best endeavors basis) to help you plan around future or immediate hassles
Media events consultation (1-3, depending on term, fee for events is separate depending on scale and specifics): e.g.- Press conference, test drive or mini-FAM, webinar or e-forum, luncheon, exclusive/group interview, media office visit, etc.
Influencer recommendations (KOLs plus micro-KOL curation), ongoing suggestions
• Constant recommendations for activation ideas and planning for possible marketing events, online campaigns, and advice for social media channel activities
• Website SEO Content optimization, as required on client’s own digital asset

During the course of the retainer, which can run for any number of months but is typically 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, we will offer and suggest constant guidance on Press briefing/Webinar planning, Group/Exclusive interview opportunities, Luncheon/seminar programs that may be useful, help you with any Media FAM trip planning, Customer workshops, and especially with CSR opportunities.

The 1-2 releases per month writing and distribution part of the service, a core element, may be used for the creation and distribution of:

• News Release
• Photo Release
• Photo caption
• Media Scoop
• Social media post
• Gossip or social news
• Calendar news
• Tips & “secret” sharing
• Advertorials
• Special interview scripts
• Radio/Studio production scripts
• Broadcasting scripts or MC scripts
• TV/Youtube program storyboarding

We will also continually seek to offer advice and support where possible with Corporate/product photography, LinkedIn optimization, Thought leadership content, NGO/Government engagement, Public education series and Survey management & Results communication – as well as many more types of formats, content or channel activities that will be endlessly valuable in promoting your brand.

Everything about our standard services retainer has designed to provide you with all you need for the most affordable cost while missing nothing essential.

Gemini is pleased to announce the introduction of highly affordable Retainer Lite and Retainer 2Go packages for modest budgets

PR assistance for your company can also be created primarily around a core promise of managing cost as much as possible, and so these two newly-introduced Gemini plans are extremely cost-effective – and can be paid on a pay-per-month basis. We know that budgets are tight as small businesses and self-owned SMEs emerge post-covid and try as hard as possible to get custom and get back on an even keel.

Because of this, we have developed the most cost-effective method for gaining access to necessary public relations services.

A Look at Gemini's Retainer Lite and Retainer 2Go: Synopsis

Beyond the standard retainer as outlined above, we’ve also introduced two packages which have been designed to cater specifically to clients with lower overall budgets who are looking for the most powerful impact without committing to significant spend. These are in essence two easy-to-use PR services packages, one for consulting only, one for consulting/press release distribution/social media content.

Month by month, end when you like, pay for what you need, and stop or pause whenever you like:

Retainer LiteTM by Gemini PR – What’s included?

Unlimited free phone, email, LINE and what’s app consulting with our PR team, 7 days a week, available whenever you need it (via phone, email, LINE, and Whatsapp to provide you with free unlimited consultation):

• Advice on any press release or internal comms programs you plan to create yourself
• Advice on avoiding actions which may lead to a crisis situation
• Advice on managing your social media posts and other channel activities
• Key message design, brand positioning design and USP/product positioning advice
• Press release, website content and other written article – advice, feedback, ideas
• Activation suggestions: events, pop-ups, promotions, customer engagement programs

Retainer 2GOTM by Gemini PR – What’s in the Box?

All of the above consulting, plus:

• 1x press release per month – writing, editing, distribution to targets and results reporting
• 8x social media posts created for you per month to a calendar, including image curation

Contact us now to get started today with any of the above packages. We are delighted to answer any questions you may have, and tailor your plan around your bespoke needs and media/communication objectives.

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