A little over ten years ago, acquiring a piece of real estate inside a well-known magazine or the endorsement of a well-known celebrity was almost the only way that cosmetics and other beauty products could catch the attention of the general public. This is a touch of an overstatement, but the philosophy remains true; there just wasn’t the wealth of digital channel opportunity that now exists, and Thai media were the all-powerful gatekeepers to brand success.

Since then, a lot of things have shifted, particularly in terms of the Thai media landscape, but one thing has remained the same; the efficacy of proven beauty PR techniques in the beauty sector. Given the vast number of various brands that are accessible to customers, beauty firms and brands face a great deal of competition in the marketplace. There is an overwhelming volume of consumer choice in the field, and getting cut-through is actually really hard.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that such companies nearly never stop rolling out new product lines. However, with the assistance of public relations, beauty firms may immediately capture the attention of their target audience and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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It is essential to emphasise that conducting public relations for beauty brands or goods should be done in accordance with a long-term strategy and should not be considered a short-term endeavour.

PR Overview: Beauty Brand PR

One of the most important aspects of beauty public relations is making persistent pitches to the appropriate media sources. If a business only communicates with its customers once, it is unreasonable to expect the customer to remember the company or its products in the future.

Because the beauty business is so competitive and competitively crowded, firms are under continual pressure to promote their goods in front of media outlets and to supply journalists with fascinating material that they can use into their stories. Adhering to a well-thought-out public relations outreach plan is one thing that may assist beauty companies in maintaining ongoing media pitches.

It is necessary for a firm to determine what it is that it wants the rest of the world to know about its brand (key messages) and to compile a list of media contacts who work for relevant publications (targeting curation). Although cultivating positive relationships with the media is not something that can be accomplished overnight by a company, businesses may swiftly obtain the attention they require with the use of the appropriate methods and mentality.

Advocacy for Beauty Brand

Companies shouldn’t ignore customer advocacy for their beauty products if they want to differentiate themselves in the competitive beauty product industry.

There is no requirement to maintain a collaborative relationship with social media influencers in order to get brand advocates (it helps though). Additionally, businesses have the opportunity to collaborate with makeup and beauty artists, beauty editors, hair stylists, and a wide variety of other industry experts that do not require a sizable following on social media in order to be successful, but have the potential to become useful colleagues.

Investing in the proper individuals to communicate a company’s narrative, whether it be about the company itself, its founders, or its goods, is something that beauty companies can do. When a company is trying to cultivate a brand advocate, they should make their sales presentations as customised as possible to the individual to whom they are pitching, and they should include intriguing details about the people behind the company. These seemingly little particulars might result in a great deal more than only publicity or product reviews. People who have a genuine affection and regard for a brand are more likely to become brand champions and spread their admiration for the product to others in their own social circles.

Promotional materials and product samples for Beauty Brands

There are a few distinct approaches that beauty companies may use in order to win over additional customers for their wares. One of these methods is holding events at which guests are given the opportunity to test and promote the items on social media. However, it is important to consider a level of creativity in any activation campaign to ensure that the brand’s presentation stands out among hundreds of other Asian beauty brands doing just that.

In addition, businesses may provide press kits and product samples (speak to us please, as it’s a core area of our daily work) to individuals in order to solicit feedback on their wares.  Public relations (PR) packages should be clearly and beautifully written and presented, as well as offering valuable insights into product creation, ingredients, brand concepts and marketing strategies going forward, all of which is interesting to Thai media; also as they will be sent to journalists and editors so that they may provide more accurate reviews of the items. These kinds of packages will result in higher-quality evaluations due to the fact that they introduce reviewers to the brand in question.

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