A lot of businesses are surprised to learn that many of the PR agencies in Bangkok operate in Thai language only, and it’s particularly notable that the bigger and more established the public relations firm is, the less focus they have on bilingual comms distribution. This limits hiring businesses when it comes to seeking out a reliable PR partner. At Gemini, everything we do is considered through the lens of a bilingual approach at all times. Our team consists of a near 50/50 composition of European, native English and Thai national C-suite. We will usually create press releases, for example, in both languages to maximise our outreach potential and subsequent media value capture, unless specified by the client. We can also report in either or both languages. We’ve recently added Chinese language editing capacity to our internal team to meet the increasingly diversifying needs of our expanding client base. We are also a strategic partner to SPRG in Hong Kong, who have a large team of native Mandarin and Cantonese staff, are one of the best heavyweight chinese PR agency in the business (we are their specialist BKK-based partner) and we support them daily with world-class native English editing and campaign management.

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How does enlisting the help of a Chinese speaking PR agency support my business?

Having an equally powerful offering in English, Thai and Chinese is an incredibly powerful differentiator for a PR firm – especially one headquartered in Bangkok, which of course has a huge permanent, long-stay expat and short-stay segments of Chinese population demographics. Also, it’s notable too that many people in Thailand claim ancestral Chinese heritage and are proud of their roots.

This is a massively useful tool for agency clients too. The first benefit is cost-saving. Virtually all Bangkok-based agencies outsource, and if you read the retainer contract, you’ll quickly realise that you’re liable for all of these costs (plus the PR firm’s ludicrous 30% markup). We handle everything in house, and have just negotiated an arrangement whereby our Chinese language writers and editors are available 24/7 and on short notice if required, as our support efforts are split across two time zones allowing us to run effective overlap (this is true for all of our services).
The other large benefit of using a Thai, English, Chinese PR agency is that not only do they have Cantonese and Mandarin speaking staff on hand for content and comms, but they are also highly familiar with specific customs, peculiarities and working philosophies, again helping to smartly sidestep cultural hiccups and troubleshoot hinderances through quick empathy building and collaborative compassion. This leads to exceptionally well-aligned working practices, especially where the agency’s team is working regularly “in-house” with their client’s Chinese-led and staffed marketing departments.

The final benefit of going trilingual is that it’s common for the well-adjusted modern PR firm to share their extensive connections to local Chinese business communities and social diasporas in that native arena; not to mention, a wealth of media relations to Chinese language publications at home and overseas which are beyond the reach of Thailand’s old-guard – the mono-cultural traditional PR companies, who are now finding it more difficult to compete with newly emerged industry leaders like Gemini PR, leading Chinese speaking PR agency in Thailand.

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