When choosing a PR agency in Bangkok, it is generally recommended that you look at the agency as a whole modern offering rather than its simplistic, constituent and apparent parts (years in business, office location, neither of which are relevant in today’s market) – and take into account a lot of different elements.

PR agency in Bangkok: Prior knowledge

This experience is important, but it’s also important to make sure the staff allocated to your account has the same experience. Typically for PR agencies in Bangkok, you will be allocated a young, female Thai junior who will be paid 20-30k per month and will be dealing with four other accounts besides yours. This is why is pays to use agencies with only C-suite level teams (smaller, boutique, high-power agencies like Gemini). Attend the pitch meeting and make sure you get a chance to meet them. You will probably meet the CEO in the pitch meet but you will never see him again after you sign, as they’ve already got you on the hook. Be careful, always go next-gen!

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A diverse group of individuals can make up some of the better companies, including Public Relations and social media management experts as well as journalists and bloggers who have previously worked in the business, event planners, graphic designers, media trainers, and crisis management experts. There are occasions when a wealth of industry knowledge is a distinct asset, but this is not always the case.

It’s good to deal with a PR agency in Bangkok that has experience in your target market, but it’s not essential that they have worked directly with competitors. Dynamism, creativity, positive attitude and a willingness to explore working with you as closely as possible are the best indicators for the best possible relationship going forwards.

How to select the PR agency appropriate for your needs?

Public relations firms are an important aspect of many an expanding company’s marketing strategy, and this is certainly the case here in Thailand, as we jointly emerge into the post-pandemic, pre-recovery world. Whilst many corporate enterprises rely on a PR partner, and choosing one may appear to be straightforward, finding the correct public relations agency may be incredibly tough depending on specific circumstances.

Not every public relations company that you come across is capable of doing the services that you require. Some have very junior teams who are constantly overloaded, so while they may have 15, 17 or 20 years in the Thai market, their staff are shattered and broken.

As a result, it is beneficial to have some useful information while selecting on the organisation that is most suited to your needs. The newly emerged PR era is one of agile, always-on and smaller agencies who know how to leverage the tools of the day such as AI and machine learning for their data research and reporting, and employ staff on good salaries – or you’re dealing with the founders and owners of the company ONLY, to ensure you get a highly committed service at all times. Keep an eye on what your competitors are up to with their Bangkok PR firm

01. Establish your objectives and goals that are quantifiable

Before you even consider hiring a public relations firm, you should develop a list of precise goals and a few quantifiable targets that you want to achieve with their help.  When you begin looking for firms, you will be able to refer to your goals and determine which organisations will be able to help you achieve them. Identify if you want to go large or little with your project.

• Is there a significant variation in size?
• Is it true that hiring a larger public relations firm would just result in a larger expense in the end?
• Do huge agencies provide lesser service standards and show less concern for each customer since they have a greater number of clients?
• Is it possible that tiny agencies, on the other hand, are unable to give high levels of service because they lack the necessary resources?

The reality is that size does not matter. It is important to have the ability. It is important to perform well. The importance of connections and relationships cannot be overstated. It may be necessary to have some knowledge about your industry. It is important to have prior experience. Dedication, loyalty, and dedication are all important.

02. Keep an eye on what your competitors are up to with their Bangkok PR firm

• Set up Google Alerts to keep track of what your top rivals are up to, and then decide whether or not it is something you should be doing as well.
• When interviewing possible Bangkok PR agencies, keep your competition in mind and see whether they bring them up in the conversation.
• This will assist you in determining whether or not the public relations agency properly investigated your market sector to understand who you are up against.

03. Don't place too much emphasis on the location of the agency

• While the location of the agency may appear to be one of the most crucial considerations at first glance, it is actually not as important as you may assume.
• In recent years, most organisations have adopted video conferencing and collaboration software, and they choose to work with the finest solutions provider rather than a local supplier.
• Distance is no longer a barrier for public relations agencies and their customers, thanks to technologies such as Zoom, Teams, etc.

These suggestions will assist you in making an informed decision about which public relations firm is best suited for you and your organisation.

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