Thailand is currently a hot destination for the regional administration of new alternative currency platform coin offerings. After a spell of enforced closures of its domestic-based token exchanges and brokerages, the industry across APAC has had to approach the conundrum a little more proactively to remain competitive with regional peers.

Digital finance (ICO-oriented) start-ups are once again turning to Asia Pacific’s leading advisory firms specializing in the tokenization of assets on the blockchain, with the aim of democratising financing for, and access to, traditional and non-traditional assets.

Whilst the macro environment is subject to fast-paced changes which can dramatically affect the legislative landscape, more and more coin listings organisations are considering promotion activities in Bangkok at the very least, as part of a risk-mitigated diversification approach to meeting regional demand for new investment risk appetites, emerging channels and new tokens & exchanges.

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01. Integrated PR strategies are almost always more effective than digital only

Whilst a digital-led strategy is usually front-of-mind for platforms, brokerages, advisory firms and alternative investment funds alike looking to garner early interest, there remains strong value in pairing these activities with traditional public relations tactics, tools and implementation. A 360-degree communications strategy will leverage all of the well-proven tools to support online efforts. These will include press release distribution, calendar news and promotional scoops, media interviews, in-person and hybrid events and media launches, FAM trips, engagement activations, co-branded partnership activities, and a lot more besides. All of these activities are designed to help fortify your prospect messaging and self-reinforce (“circular amplify”) your ROI in your other areas of marketing.

02. Influencers are the emergent force in supporting cryptocurrency & coins they like and believe in

Such is the emerging nature of the industry that KOLs and influencers are often the first to pick up on new offerings and tell their followers about them. Traditional media outlets are rarely the best choice when it comes to getting ahead of the wave and letting digital natives know about what’s going on and where the next opportunity lies. Thai influencers also enjoy excellent credibility among their followers and attract huge local engagement, which in turn can lead to strong interest in your latest release in markets that matter.

03. It’s helpful when considering a PR partner to deploy your 360-degree campaign that they have traditional finance experience

An agency that is strongly grounded in more traditional forms of investing – banks, brokerages, funds, financiers, insurers, etc. – can offer the strongest level of advice when you are planning your communications strategy. Remember that the cryptocurrency PR agency will not be advising you on the coin or the technology, as that is what sets you apart. The specific role of your cryptocurrency PR agency is to make sure your message is heard, and heard loud and widely, with the latter being especially important with financial technology and coin launches, as their implications and possibilities extend well beyond the physical confines of your immediate city location.

Your opportunities are essentially limitless when you’re working with a next-gen cryptocurrency PR agency which is focused entirely on your communications success.

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