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    An event organizer takes responsibility from beginning to end in handling the planning and execution of both in-person and virtual events. They are required to have a strong understanding of the needs of the client and what they want to achieve, and are skilled at turning concepts into reality, creating live events that sizzle and draw the right media attendees, celebs and VIP guests.

    Event organizer Thailand

    Putting it simply, the event organizer is the person who is in charge of an event from end-to-end. The individual (or more likely the team) will make sure the plan is outlined in microscopic detail, and that every last element is in place and ready to go, and also that everything happens as it should do on the big day to ensure its success – on time and on budget. They will also troubleshoot various potential issues coming up ahead of time so workarounds are already in place – and we can then focus on our speeches/presentations, meet and greet, media interviews and talking to our new customers keen to see us and our product that the event. We’ll be safe in the knowledge that our great Event Organizer has got our back.

    Gemini events are delivered in partnership with Thailand’s best event planner and event organiser, and we also partner exceptional venues which offer great value and strong ROI for all types of event. Our collective effort therefore ensures your program will generate massive magnetism, long-lasting impact and top-of-mind recall.

    This is an interesting and open question because it largely depends on two things; A) your internal capabilities to plan and execute the event program yourself, and B) the size of the planned event and whether you are intending for media guests to attend.

    You can also consult our separate section dedicated to virtual events.

    For in-person event organizer, it can be a great weight off the mind to be able to outsource to a company who can be trusted to deliver the program for you. The other great advantage of using a Bangkok-based event organizer is for overseas companies who are looking for some expert on-the-ground delivery in a market they may not be massively familiar with.

    If you are intending to manage your own event but would like some assistance with media invitations and RSVP only, please contact us using the form on this page, as this is a popular request. We also have partnerships with some great hotel partners in Thailand who will be able to support you with a great venue hosting package at the best possible rate.

    This depends entirely on the size of the venue you are planning to use and the number of guests you hope to attract – as well as how dramatic and large-scale your AV, gimmicks, centrepiece or “tech fest” is likely to be.

    Small programs, involving perhaps 6-10 key media representatives and at which you present your key messages and product/brand, are simple to deliver and cost effective, so for this kind of program, you are probably looking at a price in the 100,000 – 180,000 THB range (this may or may not include the venue hire cost depending on the scale and ‘wow factor’ you are looking to achieve).

    For any kind of event of a medium to large scale, please contact us using the form and we will quickly organize a video call so you can meet our whole team and we can work out exactly what you need.

    In PR terms, a successful event is one which has A) a good level of media guest attendance which has met with our client’s expectation, and B) nothing untoward cropped up and everything went exactly according to plan. We deliver our smaller and more “manageable” media event programs fully in-house to help our client keep the cost down as much as possible. For medium to large events, we partner with an event organizer with whom Gemini has a longstanding partnership agreement, and then the program is delivered in collaboration between our three parties.

    While most businesses are more than capable of planning and executing their own event programs at one of hundreds of the excellent available hotels in Bangkok, the hard part in doing it independently is in getting your desired media attendance. We are able to organise this part fully for you, to help ensure your investment in your event organizer program connects with and engages the largest audience possible.

    The best independent event organizers provide “full-service” creative solutions to enhance the client’s product launch and overall brand image. When it comes to awareness building, having an event partner who is an excellent bilingual communicator and skilful consultant will assure you that you are being assisted throughout your event journey, from strategy planning to impactful and innovative production design.

    It can also be reassuring when working with an events partner with a long track record in the industry, and a portfolio of past events they have delivered during their many years in business. Look for events partners who have delivered professional services while partnering with numerous acclaimed brands in various industries, and especially those in the exhibition and hospitality fields.

    Our extensive in-house capabilities make us different to many other PR firms. And when it comes to delivering larger programs, we have a brilliant partner in place to ensure our programs are mutually successful.

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