Bloggers in Thailand play an important role in communicating their insights and specialist knowledge on a hugely diverse range of subjects. Whilst many of these bloggers’ exposure in Thailand is limited by the small number of followers they may have, one of the massive advantages they enjoy is that everything they post is searchable by Google.

This type of content also benefits from internet permanence, meaning that SEO performance delivers ongoing value for them day-in, day-out over many years.

Often, the unique style and charm of bloggers in front of the camera, attracts a large audience on social media. Social media followers are fiercely loyal and are usually willing to watch everything their favorite bloggers do.

Here is a select list of winning strategies you can deploy for blogger content to maximize your new partnerships.

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Key strategies for leveraging bloggers

Sponsored ads – These involve bloggers mentioning your brand and including a link to your website as part of a post related to what your brand offers. For example, if your company sells bottled water, you might ask bloggers to write a post titled “Five things I can’t go to the gym without.”

Since your brand promotion is mixed with the blogger’s endorsement of other things, sponsored ads are a viable way to promote your brand in a way that doesn’t scream “Hey we paid for that ad!”.

Product Reviews – If you don’t mind the blogger’s sponsorship being obvious, product reviews are a fantastic way to get a blogger to sing (or rather type) the praises of your brand. Very popular in the form of videos on social media, product review blog posts involve you sending a product to a blogger for free in exchange for them writing a full ode to their love for that product.

If they can sell their enthusiasm for the product in their writing, you’ll have a good chance of selling it to other customers.

Product Features – This is the blogger version of the casual name drop. Unlike formal product reviews, product features allow your blogger to write about a general topic related to their daily life, so they can slip in a subtle advertisement for one of your products.

For example, if your company sells meat tongs and you work with a blogger whose niche is cooking, you can ask them to write about their favorite steak recipe and quickly mention how said meat tongs make the grilling process easier.

Blogger Events – Is your company hosting a major event to showcase your brand’s products? Invite your bloggers to attend. If they announce their attendance in advance and/or write live blog posts from the event location, it can drive a lot of traffic.

Even if your blogger waits until after the event to write a blog post, the extensive coverage of the event on their page will give your brand tremendous exposure.

Promotional offers – Want your target audience to get really excited about your products? Get your blogger to run a contest on their blog. You provide a prize in the form of cash or free merchandise, and then the blogger builds excitement by offering the chance to win the prize for free.

If you’re not afraid to offer the prize, this is a great way to get consumers excited about your brand.

Get bloggers on your blog too

Partnering with bloggers to leverage content doesn’t just mean they’re touting your products on their personal blogs. It’s a two-way street where you can leverage their popularity to boost your blog as well.

By using bloggers as a shepherd for their followers’ web traffic, you put yourself in a great position to gain new customers who might not have otherwise visited your blog.

Here are a few ways to collaborate with a blogger to add sparkle to your blog:

Ask them to write a post – Start by asking a blogger to announce on their social media channels that they will be invited to write a post on your blog. Then, simply ask them to write an article on an industry-related topic of their choice and publish it on your blog.

In the same vein as the Instagram story crowd-sourced takeover, you can up the ante by making your bloggers the guest writer for all blog content for an entire day.

Feature them in a Q&A article – Interview your blogger on a topic relevant to your brand, then work with them to turn it into a full editorial piece. Who knows, the blogger may have surprising ideas that will be useful even to those who don’t follow them.

Quote them in your blog – What if your blogger’s answers to the Q&A aren’t long-form? Don’t worry. Their quotes can still add value to your blog, whether as standalone quotes on your landing page or as a way to add color to your other featured content.

If you are a business looking to engage with bloggers, then you can also benefit from this long-term and ongoing SEO performance, meaning those backlinks are highly valuable – and potentially out there forever.

Choosing the right blogger to work with

Regardless of your brand’s industry, any blogger you work with to leverage content for a blog should ideally have an engaging, easy-to-digest written voice and a large audience.

But choosing the right blogger for a blog isn’t as simple as calling the blogger with the most followers. There are several other crucial factors to consider, such as:

The blogger’s niche and target audience – A blogger’s popularity isn’t worth much if their interests/what they’re known for and your brand’s industry don’t match up.

Note that your industry and your blogger industry don’t necessarily have to match exactly.
For example, while finance and transportation are separate industries, the two go hand in hand as consumers often use airline-issued credit cards to earn frequent flyer miles.

Blog Comparison – In addition to a blogger’s niche and market, look at what they post on their blog and how those posts compare to yours. Are the products they support similar to yours? Is the price range similar? Do the articles complement your own written voice? Would an article about your product fit naturally on their page, or would it be a little too prominent? Again, there needs to be a clear fit.

Your target audience – Overall, consumers respond best to bloggers they can relate to, which usually means the blogger is in the same age range as them, or at least close to it. So it’s just as important to look at the demographics associated with your own target audience. How old is your target audience? Is it gendered? These kinds of questions help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Make sure you create a solid promotional strategy!

Regardless of the bloggers you work with and the content they end up writing for your brand, the most important key is to make sure you have a solid promotional strategy in place.

By finding a blogger whose interests align with your brand and using the strategies above to leverage your blog content from your partnership with them, you’re setting the stage to convert their followers into customers.

Please contact us to discuss your goals and areas of support we may be able to help you with.

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