The term “influencer campaign” is tossed about a lot more frequently these days, and it is typically seen as a simple approach for businesses to strengthen their promotional activities; on the surface, that is, and perhaps to businesses unacquainted with the nuance versus obligations associated with managing these types of campaigns.

On the other hand, of course, that is not entirely accurate. Before start doing any influencer marketing, research and community development are necessary preparation tasks. Additionally, businesses need to choose the most suitable influencers with which to collaborate, this being obviously very essential to its success.

Businesses that want to connect with the members of their target audience in a way that is true and authentic might benefit from collaborating with influencers on promotional efforts to help make such relationships more straightforward and valuable. However, in the process of building an influencer campaign, it is crucial for businesses to also create their campaign brief by including a number of necessary components.

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Leverage KOLs In Your Promotional Campaigns

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Influencers and KOLs in Thailand – Campaign Design and Planning

Finding the appropriate individuals is the initial stage in creating an influencer marketing campaign for a product or service. This indicates that businesses should join social media networks and actively search inside such platforms to discover the appropriate influencers, as well as the manner in which those influencers make use of the platforms. Or a more sophisticated approach (and time-saving) is to use data tools and machine learning to complete the data scrape and target assimilation, which is the approach we use here at Gemini PR.

Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are the three main social media platforms that are used in a variety of ways nowadays. Gone are the days when businesses could run a single campaign across all channels (it’s too expensive and it’s too slow, given the proliferation in the number of available channels).

In today’s digital consumer world, this is no longer possible. Not only that, but businesses should also investigate if the individuals who follow particular influencers are similar to the audience that the business hopes to attract in the first place (which obviously requires a lot of research and time, which is the main reason people outsource). Even if the followers aren’t too familiar with a brand, businesses will have a better chance of effectively integrating the influencer’s audience into their own operations if they operate in this manner. This is a good mindset with which to begin.

KOL and Influencer Campaign Content

After a firm has determined which influencers have the correct target audience that is in line with the target audience that the company has set for itself, it is essential to comprehend the manner in which the influencer engages with that audience. The majority of the time, content is king, and influencers are aware of this fact, as well as the reality that trends on social media are continuously shifting and developing.

In point of fact, trends may shift in a matter of hours, which is why nobody should get on the bandwagon too late if they want to enjoy the rewards that come with having an engaged audience. All of this indicates that businesses should either come up with content ideas and formats that are evergreen while still touching on a contemporary trend, or they should locate influencers that are prepared to take some chances and generate content marketing on the fly in order to join the latest trends.

Thai Influencer Content Development

When it comes to the topic of the piece or pieces of content that the brand and the influencer will be working on together, it is time to get creative after the influencer and the type of content for the campaign have been selected. When it comes to developing original content, there is no shortage of options available, and if a company ever finds itself at a creative impasse, it is simple to derive ideas from competing businesses that have successfully implemented analogous marketing approaches in the past for their own campaigns.

At the end of the day though, the material should be authentic to both the identity of the company and the personality of the influencer. It is essential to keep in mind that both influencers and companies have dedicated followers that continually anticipate viewing particular forms of information. If those types of content are changed, it may give the impression that the audience is not being truthful.

If you’re not sure where to begin when thinking about how to put together a campaign for leveraging influencers and KOLs in Thailand, please reach out to us via the contact form.

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