A large number of businesses have already begun utilising TikTok (and other newly emerged video content platforms) as one of their key straight-to-customer marketing platforms, and they want to continue to do so in the next year, according to a great many recent marketing surveys.

When it comes to maximising audience reach and engagement capture, a specialised, focused and tailored plan for TikTok and its users should be developed for businesses who want to improve their brand recognition on the famous social media app. Businesses that are just getting started on the site should also develop a strategy for the platform. This can be very top-down and somewhat theoretical in the beginning, as it’s super useful just to get your ideas formulation moving in the right direction. Companies who use the app should be aware of the optimal times to post material on the platform, for example, in order to guarantee that it is seen by the widest possible audience. This depends on your market, your product, your segment, your target demographics engagement times, and a great may other things besides.

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TikTok The Most Effective Sharing Times

According to marketing research, the weekend period — Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – are the most effective days for sharing information on social media platforms. This is of course a sweeping generalisation, and so you will need your own specific data to dial it in.

There are three time windows within which a corporation will reap the greatest benefits from publishing content on the platform, according to the same piece of study mentioned above.

These hours are from six to nine p.m., three to six p.m., and twelve to three p.m., respectively. Note that the optimal solution for companies wishing to publish content on the platform is dependent in large part on the current activity and location of the target audience.

TikTok Public Relations – Timed Research Data

Companies who want to find out what are the greatest possible times for posting content on TikTok may perform some simple research to find out when the ideal times are for them. There is nothing more for them to do than click on the hamburger menu located in the top right-hand corner of the company’s profile page within the app (in the first instance’; there is a world of data mining, SaaS, AI assisted targeting and machine learning beyond that, so get the cheque book ready if you fall into the ”deeply interested” fold). In the Settings and Privacy tab, go to Creator tools, then Analytics. Businesses should make sure that their analytics are enabled there – this is essential to making it work.

Every user has access to a dashboard that provides an overview of the many metrics accessible from the app through the analytics page. The Followers tab is an excellent resource for gaining further details regarding a company’s target demographic.

Companies may view their audience numbers here, which include on information such as their location and the times of day when they are most active, among many other relevant and datapoint-specific things. This is a significant collection of potentially valuable information, and it should be compared to comparable marketing research conducted by other companies (where possible), as well as your own internal customer research, such as on your own CRM data bank, etc.

It is hoped that this research would assist businesses of all kinds in determining what could be their most effective time period for sharing content on the network. This should also give you some really simple early insight and concept visibility in terms of getting to grips with TikTok exploration, and what you can expect from the platform as a marketer if you have thus far had no experience at all of TikTok marketing (“Tik Tok Marketing”).

There is an excessive amount of content on Tiktok – no there is PR agency for TikTok

A large number of businesses post videos on TikTok between four and six times each week, according to company research on this subject, which for the most part is still an emerging field of interest, particularly for more traditional oriented companies in Thailand.

However, with the proliferation of social media platforms, and with TikTok viral marketing leading the charge in 2022 as companies seek to capture opportunities post covid, it has become quite easy to overload customers by posting excessive amounts of material on a frequent basis.

The most effective approach for businesses to determine whether or not this is an issue for their target consumers is to experiment with various posting schedules and content sharing frequency to see what works best for them.

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