One of the questions we get asked fairly often is, “What should include online communication in Thailand?” The question (often grammatically phrased like this direct from Thai, so we represent it verbatim!) is open to some interpretation. Are we talking about the PR plan or the marketing plan? These are two different things. However, if we were to assume that our public relations and communications efforts would form a massive part of our overall marketing, then let us move forward with trying to answer it on that basis.

Do we still use offline comms in PR?

Yes, but seemingly less so with what feels like each passing month. Back in 2010, for example, it was quite common for journalists, writers and editors to be commissioned to write magazine articles which would literally be published in hard copy magazines, i.e.- they would be in glossy paper mags available in B2S stores, newsagents and other book store chains in the City of Angels.

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They were also print only to a large extent, meaning that those articles were not ran concurrently in online websites offering digital access to those written features.

With the decline in the prominence, influence and readership volumes of offline-only magazines, there truly has been an “almost removal” of the ‘hard copy only’ feature; however, saying that there are still people in Thailand who love their broadsheets and weekend supplements and it’s important to not forget this when trying to create a multifaceted communication plan.

So, is it all ‘online only’ now?

It is, in terms of push communications, but remember too that a launch will often have a live event component. Covid has forced the PR industry to adapt to delivering these types of events as online only, but with the easing of restrictions and the positive progression of the pandemic, we’re getting closer to a point where live events are possible and hybrid events are likely.

In simple answer to the question proposed at the outset, in a typical integrated (“360-degree”) PR strategy, we could say for the convenience of explanation that 85% to 98% of our efforts are directed via digital only communications outreach. This is why you see the rise of the influencer and the Facebook-hosted social community & interest type of page; and press release distribution which goes out by email and then is essentially syndicated across hundreds of websites – with many of those being the digital editions of formerly print publications.

Your online communication activities when created by Gemini will typically cover:

• Press release creation and distribution

Crisis management support, in case you are the subject to a social media “wildfire” type bad news event

• A virtual or hybrid press conference and/or webinar

• A proposal for premier and nano KOLs/influencers which will be able to greatly support your program

Social media content calendar creation

• Any paid media partnerships we consider essential to the campaign will also be recommended

• Always-on digital campaign consulting, recommendations, data, review and decision-making support

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