A Collaborative Approach To Narrative And Interaction Building

Communications for corporate PR agency often involves distilling the essence of a complex and multi-disciplinary international conglomerate down into easy-to-understand product halos or campaign philosophies which connect with B2B or B2C consumers in a way that activates desired action.

And it can be tough to pull off.

Which is why you will often see massive enterprises with some 20-30 disparate billion-dollar business divisions with slogans like “Imagine a new future” or something similarly vague; it’s because it is challenging to define a personality across incongruent spheres which need more targeted messaging approaches by-segment.

Corporate PR agency Thailand

Our corporate PR agency has worked with some truly monster organisations in recent years, and by that we don’t mean scary. Huge but lovable. Firstly, the most important thing to unlocking your corporate communication ‘approach success’ is building your strategizing on amiable and transparent two-way partnerships. We’ll often work literally within companies with which we partner on their Internal HR comms, product positioning, awards management, video script production, etc., to the point of setting up shop several days a week within their marketing department or media hosting areas.

This collaborative approach to “narrative and interaction building” is how life and zest is injected into what some believe to be a relatively dry field of communication.

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    We work cross-border with product teams in Singapore and Bangkok to create effective positioning for your SKUs and internal codenames ahead of your launch plan, so your press releases are all ready to go well in advance, and your internal teams are briefed fully ahead of your overseas distributor sales event happening in Kuala Lumpur next month.

    By working in harmony, we are able to absorb the fundamental essence of your brand’s overarching message and promise, tailor them where necessary, and ensure that every department, every team and every country manager is singing from the same hymn sheet in supporting your message and growth.

    Corporate communication service Thailand

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    We’ve delivered ongoing annual product launch cycle support for amazing brands like Electrolux Thailand, and helped engineer the messaging and brand promise of group wide massive restructures for super-corporations like RMA Group and Indorama Ventures.

    Our corporate portfolio right now is focused on helping developing enterprises like Ricoh Hong Kong respond to the after-effects of the pandemic and the changes it has wrought to remote teams dependent on their technology.

    We continue to be Thailand’s most experienced corporate PR agency, as one of the very few Bangkok PR firms who understand what it means to operate successfully in this field.

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