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As the world emerges post-pandemic, we are, as a human species, eternally grateful that live entertainment can resume. Thankfully, Bangkok and the other great cities of APAC offer a range of exceptional indoor and outdoor venues and dedicated entertainment spaces to cater to your program.

The first step, or course, is ideation. It’s helpful – from the perspective of Gemini as your prospective entertainment PR agency, certainly – that the agency you choose to partner for your execution/delivery is involved as early as possible in the process. This is because we are extremely passionate about live music and live entertainment events. It is not necessary that a brand has any “credibility” or association with the acts, stars or presentations you choose to leverage for your Live cast, promo or launch; cool affiliation is created as a result.

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Beyond the actual “acts presentation” you plan to offer, it’s important (especially in Thailand) that you have relevant and exceptionally helpful KOLs on hand to support. The most manual of in-person activations needs some digital cut-through, otherwise all of your efforts may well fall flat.

Traditional PR tacticals such as Calendar News, Social Scoops and Media Invitations and RSVP have also been proven time and again to help your spectacle go over with a bang. It’s helpful too to have both a great event organizer and great venue staff who are doing everything possible to make sure your program dazzles and connects.

Your entertainment PR agency program could encompass all manner of conjoint or distinct components, be they a digital app rollout as the main sponsor of your charity run, a test drive experience at Pattaya’s Bira, or experiential Virtual Reality tour through a museum roadshow showcase which can travel regionally.

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    Social media marketing for your entertainment program should begin long before your team on the ground swings into action, as it’s important to build a groundswell of enthusiasm before you get going. Considerable care should be put into your social collaterals, and it is usually inadvisable to issue a series of simple social text posts short-notice. Each of your channel activities should reinforce all of the rest, to make sure you are getting maximum ROI on your spend even before any delivery costs for the actual event are factored in.

    Nowadays the media have become well accustomed to launch programs and music shows being online-only. We are well-placed to support you here, with a growing roster of e-events which have delivered success for our partnering brands. We’re also called on often to synergise component programs as part of larger inter-regional charity and NGO campaigns.

    Entertainment PR agency Thailand

    Please reach out to let us know your ‘framework plan’ and supposed schedule, and we’ll begin our ideation immediately – so you have the best chance possible of getting ahead of your scheduling curve. We’ll also put our star KOLs and social celebs on standby …

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