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For Frasers Property, we’ve worked on regular press release creation and communication & distribution, through to more involved and creative builds such as video scripts, online collaterals and creative PR campaigns.

We draw on a number of years spent screenwriting for film production studios like Lex De Groot (Hangover Part II (2011), Mechanic: Resurrection (2016), Gutted (2013) and Scorpion King 3 (2012) to make us Bangkok’s Top Gun for any sort of VDO storyboarding, shooting prep or actual script – and that includes drone footage production of massive scale projects like industrial property developments. Our script writing and content marketing service has also been used for leading consumer product manufacturers like Electrolux Thailand, which is an ongoing client.

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One great recent example in the consumer products and F&B products manufacturing solutions sector is for HAVI, and the HAVI Cold Chain Distribution centre.

Due to growing demand including from F&B operators where fresh food logistics and delivery are critical in today’s food supply chain, the 30,000 sqm high quality built-to-suit facility is on a 31-rai land parcel in Thailand’s ultra-modern free port zone; 10% of the area is used as high bay pallet store up to a height of approximately 34 meters, with integrated management and distribution sectors, and many different temperate-controlled zonal areas built around supporting customer needs across a range of consumer products and FMCG categories and verticals.

The facility is set to be a multi-temperature food distribution centre, and it comprises of Ambient Storage, Cold Storage, Frozen Storage, being partially operated using Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS) to support the storage of F&B products and to ensure the quality and freshness.

The facility is cutting-edge because its strength lies in it being built on a good understanding of clients’ business and HAVI’s ability to offer a complete design and development focus on services provision and delivery.

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    Instead of using a traditional approach of construction wherein the building is designed first while customers plan their operations later, Frasers Property created a “Built-to-Suit” execution for this development, in which the design starts from the tenant’s manufacturing, operations and logistics planning, then followed by the building design.

    To communicate all of this strategic capability, both Frasers and HAVI turned to our team.

    Same with ThaiBev, which has also relied on our amazing team to empower their Thai market focused communications. We’ve supported their comms on an ad hoc/occasional basis over many years, from strategic platform collaborations through to sports sponsorship and CSR programs.

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    Please contact us using the contact form to discuss your specific innovative approach to industrial and goods manufacturing and logistics in Thailand. We understand your service offering – and subsequently your key messages – are extremely important to connecting you to your key markets, and we are ready to support your very valuable mission.

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