Driving massive media buzz at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

EcoFlow, the world’s environmentally-friendly portable energy solutions company, was all set to host its first-ever-in-Thailand product display booth at this year’s Future Energy Asia (FEA2023) exhibition to showcase its latest power station model upgrades. EcoFlow has quickly established itself as the premier manufacturer of thoughtfully-designed power solutions which contribute to Thailand’s push towards net-zero, one demanding lifestyle adventurer or professional technology user at a time.

Showing at FEA23, it would join a regionally-significant energy transition forum, providing unparalleled access to government and industry leaders transforming energy through intelligent Tech products by Asia’s most cutting-edge brands. Visitors joined EcoFlow’s live product demonstrations held throughout the FEA show days, and all showgoers were welcome to enjoy the now-famous Booth EF01 (complete with outdoor-themed area) at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, the host venue for this extraordinary technology innovator from China looking for a PR and marketing strategy in Thailand.

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How to get media to come to my event?

FEA2023 brings together energy CEOs, disruptors and Tech experts from around the world to present trends shaping energy and sparking pathways in the transition to net-zero. EcoFlow’s lifestyle products booth showcased a newly-upgraded EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series Power Station, now made lighter and quieter in response to demands of on-the-go adventure-oriented customers, and faster charging than ever before. EcoFlow also previews an early teaser of its forthcoming Smart Devices; the world’s first 3-in-1 portable fridge, freezer and ice maker and portable cooling inverter compressor air conditioner which creates comfortable pop-up habitats when outdoors.

Since its global launch in 2017, EcoFlow has quickly grown to become a leading innovator of environmentally-friendly energy solutions serving the backup and remote-use power needs of customers in Japan, the United States and other transitioning countries around the world. EcoFlow recently won a Red Dot design award in 2022 for the innovative form factor and exceptional utility of its products.

What’s a good PR strategy for my brand?

EcoFlow’s green energy power stations offer reliable backup/redundant power, such as in the case of flood impact, or during power cuts. Its power stations are low-noise, zero-emission, are maintenance-free when compared to traditional gas generators, and can run power for free when deployed in conjunction with solar collectors. Connectivity includes power for AC, DC and USB-connected devices, with many different I/O configurations depending on selected model and user need.

As a brand that is new to the Thai consumer landscape, it can be tough for you to cut through. Consumers like well-recognised brands that they are familiar with. One of the things that can really help with new product penetration is when good quality media platforms in the Kingdom of Thailand publish stories on a new brand; it lends credibility while also growing general awareness.

An outdoor lifestyle with no limit of power

The distribution of a Press Release is a good way to achieve this. However, to enhance the results, it can be a good idea to publicise a promotional aspect as well as an introductory aspect. That’s why we collaborated with tech inspiration EcoFlow to also promote their special rates and promo codes available at their EcoFlow Lazada online retail store. This release strategy, coupled with support for the show on the ground, has created a multi-channel push for the brand, enabling it to become a best-seller in the Kingdom.

In total, more than 20 media guests attended the press conference including all national TV channels, and many more platforms covered the story online. These included some influential and much-respected Thai media organisations such as CBNT, ADSL Thailand, Biztosuccess, Digital2Go, Bangkok Online Style, AV Tech Guide and Easy Branches.

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How can I begin planning my marketing in Thailand?

Following on from the success of the introductory campaign, EcoFlow continues to work with Gemini PR, and the first distribution was proceeded by two more plus our recent collaboratively delivered event in Bangkok city. For example, the second and third releases on the brand’s superbly compact Delta battery and the all-powerful Delta Pro range of mobile remote backup power solutions each achieved over 30 media placements.

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Gemini PR Bangkok also continues to serve as the inbound media centre while we continue supporting Press Release Distribution projects for some great tech companies, particularly Chinese manufacturers like Dreame and EcoFlow who are easily breaking through and conquering a new cosmos in sales to Thai consumers. This means we continue to field questions from editors and respond to them using approved messaging and approved responses – ensuring journalists have everything they need in order to make publishing more likely, and the results even more reliable and powerful. We’re always working on a series of exclusive lifestyle type content stories for media exclusive placements, too. Indeed, media in Thailand often contact us these days to find out when the next exciting new story is due to go out for Dreame and EcoFlow!

How to plan a media mix?

The latest EcoFlow news releases are always picked up by around 35-50 media platforms, representing an ideal component mix between consumer, lifestyle, business news and tech media platforms running cool stories. The latter is a particular speciality of Gemini, and we work every month with close partners Thaiware, Mobile Octa and Siam Phone, plus many others; great names in the Thai digital online media landscape, including all national print, news, business, lifestyle, travel and technology media in Thailand.

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How to measure media reporting results

The overall net media value achieved by the campaign was reporting in 30 high-quality media publications (times three, for the three campaigns, and with differing featuring media), plus an incredible ten of which were “Tier A” media, which means that these publications are much sought-after and are usually only accessible to brands who wish to buy adverts at a comparatively high price.

Indeed, on an “ad inches” exchange valuation, the campaign achieved a total of 4.5 million THB in published media value – an excellent media result for a fast-growing tech firm, and especially one that is new to market!

And it’s not just tech companies that can unlock the power of Public Relations services in Thailand … because great writing and great media targeting on distribution applies to all sectors, which is why we’re a leader in lifestyle, F&B, automotive, hospitality and governmental PR too.

Contact Team GEM today to get this incredible coverage for your business, brand, product, launch, event or awards program. Reach out and connect here.

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What’s a great PR firm in Asia Pacific for a campaign?

Gemini PR offers clients accessible pricing for its “Press Release Distribution Only” packages. We’ll also ensure you are the star of the show at your event by putting you in front of the TV cameras and in direct contact with editors and journalists for event packages, so your brand media story is spoken eloquently to your ideal target audience – and with an authority that goes beyond the industry’s left-behind content production last-gen agencies.

To discover more about the future of this amazing green technology brand, please visit:EcoFlow website

To view the latest arrivals at the EcoFlow @ Lazada store, please visit: Lazada website

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