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With a legacy dating back to 1926, Jotun has stood as a symbol of innovation and quality in the paint industry. From the elegance of aesthetics to the essence of durability, Jotun has transformed walls across the globe into artistic canvases. Recognized as a name synonymous with excellence, Jotun’s commitment to innovation transcends mere paint – it is about infusing life, character, and creativity into spaces.

The Challenge: How to Communicate “A Palette Beyond Colors”. In 2023, Jotun took on a challenge that went beyond aesthetics – to create an enchanting space where creativity, play and wellness converge. This endeavor led to the creation of the Jotun Kids Collection 2023 – an exclusive array of colors designed to ignite children’s imagination while fostering a healthy home environment, as a result of these market-leading paints which capture formaldehyde and other particulates within the home and sequester it as harmless vapor.

Guided by their commitment to innovation, Jotun teamed up with Gemini PR to unveil the Kids Collection 2023 with an immersive public experience, hosted at the cool family-friendly locale of Bambini Villa Sukhumvit Bangkok (Rama IV). The objective was to deliver not just a paint collection and kid’s painting event, but an experience that encapsulated the essence of creativity and health within the confines of home.

Jotun Kids Collection 2023

Jotun media event

Strategic Approach: Family Fun Day Activities and PR Plan

Immersive Exploration: The launch of the Jotun Kids Collection 2023 wasn’t just an event; it unfolded as an enchanting journey crafted by Jotun and with media invited along by Gemini PR! Bambini Villa Sukhumvit 26 transformed into a canvas of experiential wonders as an immersive exhibition took center stage. Here, interactive activities shone a spotlight on the transformative magic of Jotun’s products. Visitors delved into the world of paints that not only adorn walls but also cultivate emotions and imagination.

The Magic of Imagination: PR beautifully encapsulated the transcendental essence of Jotun’s colors. These hues cease to be mere pigments on walls; they become conduits for stories and expressions. This narrative invited parents to rediscover their living spaces through the innocent eyes of their children. The result? A surge of creativity, wonder, and a rekindling of the magic that homes hold.

Expert Voices: A symphony of insight was orchestrated through a press conference and panel discussion, where the eminent Dr. Amm, a parenting and child development expert, took center stage. With profound expertise, Dr. Amm delved into the significance of creating nurturing environments for children. Her insights added layers of depth and credibility to the launch, transforming Jotun into a beacon of knowledge in crafting spaces that foster growth and well-being.

Furniture Fusion: Gemini PR took collaboration to the next level by emphasizing Jotun’s partnering with Little Thinks Co., a distinguished children’s furniture manufacturer. This strategic alliance was not just about furniture; it was a testament to Jotun’s commitment to every nuance of a home. The showcase illuminated how Jotun’s Majestic Supreme Finish can transform furniture, harmonizing it with walls to create a cohesive aesthetic. This attention to detail reaffirmed that Jotun’s vision extends to every corner of a living space.

Influencer marketing Jotun Thailand

Jotun Kids Collection 2023

Star PR for Thailand KOLS and Thai Influencers

Hsiao Mae Wu, Head of Marketing, Jotun Thailand, together with Shygil Moideen, Managing Director of Jotun Thailand, joined with superstar TikTok influencers Nong Martin and Mama Martin, very well-known TikTok entertainers and leading voices on parenting and home lifestyles; and Dr. Amm, the beautiful and engaging family health influencer and child psychology expert. Together, Gemini PR’s established curation of amazing KOLs explored the Jotun Kids Collection 2023 and the Little Expressionist “Inspiration Tour”, with booths and activities created by Jotun for families and visitors at the launch.

In the vibrant landscape of Thailand, leveraging influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to promote international brands and products is not just a strategy; it’s a gateway to cultural resonance, trust-building, and market penetration. This rings particularly true for home decor products such as healthy paint. Here’s why international companies are turning to these digital trailblazers to champion their cause in the Thai market.

Cultural Connection and Relatability: Influencers and KOLs are the cultural connectors of our digital age. For international brands, they provide a seamless bridge between their products and the local audience’s values, preferences, and aspirations. When promoting home decor products like healthy paint, influencers can infuse these offerings with Thai cultural nuances, blending international innovation with local sentiments. This cultural synergy not only resonates deeply with the audience but also showcases the brand’s commitment to understanding and respecting the local context.

Authentic Advocacy: In a cluttered digital landscape, authenticity stands as the true currency. Thai consumers are discerning; they seek genuine experiences and endorsements. Influencers and KOLs bring an air of authenticity to brand collaborations. Their genuine affinity for products and heartfelt recommendations resonate more powerfully than traditional advertising. When influencers share personal anecdotes about transforming their own living spaces with healthy paint, it creates an emotional connection that sparks consumer trust and drives engagement.

Credibility and Expertise: Home decor products, especially those promoting health and well-being, require an element of real-life. Influencers and KOLs hold sway in their respective niches, positioning them as industry experts. Their insights into the technicalities of healthy paint, coupled with personal experiences, serve as powerful testimonials. This credibility not only educates the audience but also positions the brand as a trusted source of innovative, high-quality products that enhance their lives.

Innovative Storytelling: The Thai market is captivated by compelling narratives. Influencers and KOLs excel in storytelling, weaving captivating tales around products. For home decor brands like those offering healthy paint, influencers can craft stories of transformation – how a drab wall was turned into a vibrant canvas of well-being. This narrative-driven approach elevates the product from functional to aspirational, inspiring consumers to envision their own spaces as havens of creativity and health.

In a world where consumer decisions are influenced by digital voices, international companies seeking to establish a foothold in Thailand’s home decor market recognize the power of influencers and KOLs. These digital storytellers don’t just endorse products; they become conduits for culture, authenticity, expertise, and smart/sophisticated narratives. Through their influence, they turn home decor offerings like healthy paint into not just commodities but lifestyle choices that resonate deeply with the Thai audience.

Jotun Kids Collection 2023

Public relations Jotun Kids Collection

Results and Impact: Weaving Dreams with Colors

The launch of Jotun Kids Collection 2023 transcended the confines of an event – it became a movement. Powered by an immersive exhibition, engaging activities, and expert insights, Gemini PR enabled Jotun to:

Create Emotional Bonds

Through an enchanting experience, families connected with the allure of colors and creativity, forging emotional ties that stretched beyond paint, positioning Jotun as a catalyst for cherished memories.

Promote Wellness

Strategic storytelling conveyed the health benefits of Majestic Sense and Majestic Supreme Finish. Gemini PR elevated Jotun’s status in a wellness-focused market, underscoring the brand’s dedication to holistic well-being.

Educate and Empower

The inclusion of expert voices in the panel discussion empowered parents to shape inspirational spaces for children. This positioning transformed Jotun into a thought leader in creating nurturing environments.

Jotun Kids Collection 2023

PR results written in the names of the star publications who ran our story!

Businesses often ask, how to measure PR in Thailand? Well, a simple way is to gauge the quality of the media who attended the event or published the story afterwards. Interestingly, with the Jotun story, media were still publishing new articles some 6-8 weeks after the event, a testament to how engaging and valuable our content was to media.

Which media, we hear you ask? Try these! AROUND, Channel 5, PPTV, Bangkokfocus, Daybydaystory, BrandThink, Rakluke, Amarinbabyandkids, and Harper’s Bazaar – that’s such a great curation of readership.

We were also featured in many other top-name publications and channels. These included: TNN, Channel 3, Sanook, Naewna, Wealthnbiz, Todayupdatenews, Wealthnbi, Today Highlight News, Brand Age, Facelinenews, Thenews24online, Banmuang, Banmuang, MGRonline, Siamturakij, Bangkok-today and Positioning … and so a magnificent mix of business, news, home and lifestyle publications.

Contact Team GEM today to get this incredible coverage for your business, brand, product, launch, event or awards program. Reach out and connect here.

Paint a Path Ahead: A Journey of Creativity and Health at Home

As Jotun and Gemini PR march forward, the success of the Kids Collection 2023 launch acts as a guiding star for future collaborations. Gemini PR’s knack for weaving narratives and curating experiences ensures that Jotun’s mission of integrating colors, creativity, and well-being remains at the forefront of every endeavor.

We really worked hand in hand with Jotun to “Unlock the Palette: and … Helping to Redefine Homes, While Inspiring Lives” – In a world where paint becomes poetry and walls turn into canvases, Jotun and Gemini PR continue their journey of inspiring homes and nurturing creativity. Join us as we transform spaces, enliven imaginations, and celebrate the symphony of colors that embody the essence of life.

Jotun Kids Collection 2023

Gemini PR is famous in the Thai PR industry for Crafting Brand Narratives with Impact. That is why we are the hottest ticket in town, and anathema on the last-generation content production sweatshops. We are also the leading agency for European consumer product launches, as well as event series focused on Kid’s Activities in Bangkok, especially in fashion, food, hospitality, and home lifestyles.

At Gemini PR, we are more than storytellers – we are architects of narratives that resonate. Guided by innovation and fueled by strategy, we partner with brands to amplify their voices, engage audiences, and make a lasting imprint on the world.

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Jotun Kids Collection 2023

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