We celebrate brilliance of bartending and push competition and personalities instead of alcohol advertising

The Bartender Talent Academy 2022, a groundbreaking collaboration led by Remy Martin with the PR and media relations support of Gemini PR, marked a pivotal moment in Thailand’s F&B and nightlife scene. This event was not merely a competition; it was a showcase of creativity, innovation, and the artistry of mixology that brought together the nation’s finest bartenders.
Under the expert guidance of Gemini PR, the Bartender Talent Academy 2022 became a fusion of talent and elegance, igniting national pride as many of the top-ranked bartenders were from classy establishments in Thailand.

The event provided a platform for 9 of Thailand’s most influential and creative bartenders to shine and let their talents and spirit radiate, while representing the crème de la crème of the country’s nightlife venues. This was at a time when it was essential for the country to really show it had opened up after Covid, and that its bars and restaurants were already welcoming international guests back into the country. This wasn’t just a competition, too; it was a testament to the evolution of mixology as an art form – and Thailand’s leading reputation at the vanguard of creative mixology.

Capture the Moment: canvas on which bartenders paint stories through cocktails

Using a delicate blend of ingredients, including the latest Cognac Fine Champagne release and locally sourced flavors, competitors created signature drinks that embodied the essence of the program theme – while neatly sidestepping tough alcohol direct advertising rules for marketers in Thailand. It was not just about crafting cocktails, either; it was about crafting experiences that would linger in the minds of patrons long after the last sip, and also it was essential that the event be educational and focused only on people and competition.

Bartender Talent Academy Thailand

Alcohol brand public relations

Gemini PR’s strategic communication prowess – particularly with tons of drinks brands – ensured that the event garnered attention from the outstanding stakeholders the F&B and entertainment sectors. Our team’s past work has seen it win industry awards for F&B and brand programs such as the Glenfiddich Distillery Tour, as well as top spirits brands like Monkey Shoulder, The Balvenie, Reyka Vodka, Sailor Jerry Rum, and wines such as Hugo Casanova, Penfolds and the Grange, and more recently a sake fair hosted in Hong Kong for top boutique producers from Osaka.

A great venue in Bangkok for mixology

The elegant Villa Frantzén, known for its sophistication and charm, served as the perfect backdrop for this grand event. The BARTENDER TALENT ACADEMY THAILAND, meticulously curated by Gemini PR, showcased the finalists in a live knockout round. The bartenders transformed into artists, crafting signature cocktails before a captivated audience and a panel of esteemed judges. Every cocktail was a masterpiece, every sip a journey.

Gemini PR’s collaboration did not just stop at the event; it propelled five finalists to become ambassadors of Thai mixology on a global stage. Representing premier bars and nightlife venues, these finalists advanced to the international Bartender Talent Academy final. In fact, it was all about creating a lasting legacy for the Thai bartending community.

Our close work with some of the top venues in Bangkok and Phuket mean we always have a great place to recommend, and we always have a good working relationship with event teams at the coalface. Recent venue partners just in recent months have included Grand Hyatt Erawan and Gaston Bisto, Avani Bangkok Sukhumvit, The Food School Bangkok, Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit, Dusit Thani Culinary School Novotel Ploenchit and a raft of award-winning restaurants at Galaxy Macao.

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Bartender Talent Academy Thailand

Engaging with Ambassadors to Grow an Alcohol Brand

The impact of this event extended far beyond the bar counter. Industry experts and acclaimed personalities, including Lisa Gries and Christopher Menning, lent their support, recognizing the event’s significance and helping to bring their fantastic personalities to the fore, which the Thai media always love! We try to take the big personas of our clients and let them shine in the way they feel most comfortable, always with a focus on crafting our media communications and engagement around their client’s message and preferred style.

The event showcased the immense talent that resided within Thailand’s nightlife scene, too, turning the spotlight on the country’s emergence as a global hub for mixology excellence. So many great Big Personality Bartenders, following neatly on from the agency’s work with top chefs for the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Competition Thailand 2022/23, which then featured notable stars จากซ้ายไปขวา – Mr. Thitid (Ton) Tassanakajohn, จากร้าน Le Du ประเทศไทย
Mr. Dave Pynt จากร้าน Burnt Ends ประเทศสิงคโปร์ Ms. Vanessa Huang จากร้าน Ephernité ไต้หวัน (ประเทศจีน) Ms. Pichaya (Pam) Utharntharm จากร้าน Potong ประเทศไทย และ Mr. Daniel Calvert จากร้าน Sézanne ประเทศญี่ปุ่น

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This collaboration between Gemini PR and the Bartender Talent Academy 2022 now is a glimpse into the future. It’s a testament to how strategic communication can transform a mere event into a movement. As Bangkok’s nightlife scene continues to regain its vibrancy, this collaboration serves as a catalyst, igniting a fire that will illuminate the city’s bars and cocktail lounges. All the while, we must be respectful to the alcohol advertising laws of Thailand, whilst looking for channel opportunity capture through innovative thought leadership – that’s why Team GEM is the best in Thailand for drinks, parties, hotels and food!

Rémy Cointreau Portfolio Brand Ambassador Christopher Menning and luminaries from Bangkok’s nightlife scene graced the occasion this time around. The event became a melting pot of creativity, innovation, and camaraderie, in-keeping with our own team philosophy, and one where ideas flowed as freely as the cocktails …

Bartender Talent Academy Thailand

Food and beverage public relations Thailand

A Case Study for the Region: Thailand’s Got Talent!

The Bartender Talent Academy 2022 isn’t just an event; it’s a case study for the region. It showcases the power of collaboration, innovation, strategic communication, and smart routes around limiting beliefs. The event not only brought together the finest bartenders, but also highlighted Thailand’s potential to become a global hub for mixology excellence.

This case study serves as a blueprint for future events, demonstrating how strategic PR can amplify the impact of such gatherings, even for lesser PR agencies in Thailand who are now following us. The Bartender Talent Academy 2022 demonstrated that by marrying creativity with communication, an event can transcend its physical boundaries and resonate on a global scale.

Contact Team GEM today to get this incredible coverage for your business, brand, product, launch, event or awards program. Reach out and connect here.

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Bartender Talent Academy Thailand

Navigating Alcohol Advertising Restrictions: Thailand Rules

In a country where alcohol advertising faces strict regulations, Gemini PR’s strategic approach played a pivotal role. The collaboration was about navigating the challenges of branding in an environment where alcohol advertising is restricted.

By focusing on storytelling, experience, and the art of mixology, Gemini PR deftly sidestepped traditional advertising strategies. The Bartender Talent Academy 2022 became a canvas for branding that transcended limitations, capturing the essence of the event without overtly promoting alcohol.

The collaboration’s impact extended beyond the event, transforming participants into ambassadors of Thai mixology on the global stage. In Conclusion, The Bartender Talent Academy 2022, under the bannermen of Gemini PR’s expertise in alcohol advertising in the Kingdom, has left an indelible sheen on Thailand’s mixology landscape; more than that, a model of best practice.
As Bangkok’s nightlife scene reclaims its vibrancy, this collaboration stands as a testament to the city’s emergence as a global hub for mixology excellence. The case study that emerged from this collaboration serves as a blueprint for future events, showcasing the power of strategic communication and the triumph of branding in a regulated environment.

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Bartender Talent Academy Thailand

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And… About the drinks behind the show!


Since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin has produced premium spirits that consistently appeal to the world’s most discerning connoisseurs. A profound love of the land, a continuity of family ownership and a passionate commitment to excellence has sustained Rémy Martin for nearly three centuries. As a result of its masterful production and generations of tradition in Cognac, the House of Rémy Martin today produces Cognacs Fine Champagne, including Rémy Martin® XO, Rémy Martin® Tercet®, Rémy Martin® 1738 Accord Royal and Rémy Martin® V.S.O.P. For additional information, visit www.RemyMartin.com


Born from the cask and named after a royal approval, Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal is a truly distinctive cognac. Its exceptional smoothness and rounded oakiness starts with the toasting of the casks, before the eaux–de–vie even begin to mature. This unique aromatic profile is then revealed through a rigorous selection of eaux–de–vie. Recognized for its outstanding quality year after year in international competitions, Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal celebrates true depth of character and the sheer indulgence of sharing good moments.

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