Thailand’s top technology PR agency helps Dreame be a tech must-have

Dreame Technology (“Dreame“), a leading global smart home appliances company from China with a top-tier design lab in Thailand, wanted to introduce Thais to the amazing new DreameBot L10s Ultra. It’s an integrated premium AI ‘home cleaning robot’ with the creativity and environmental adaptation to provide tailored cleaning to any home. Designed to be the market’s leading-edge advanced all-in-one robotic cleaning appliance, DreameBot L10s Ultra made its big debut in Southeast Asia at the end of August 2022. Thailand was identified to be among the countries to experience L10 Ultra’s latest inventive, resourceful cleaning technologies. These include the company’s much-anticipated and state-of-the-art fully automated base station.

L10s Ultra’s fully automated base station utilises tech which ingeniously empties the robot’s dust box; it then intelligently cleans and dries the rotating automated mop pads, adds water and cleaning solution when the tank is running low (without the user’s input), and then keenly gets back to the task of smartly keeping the home clean, tidy, liveable – and the device itself lovable!

The product was superb, but the Dreame brand is not known at all in Thailand … so what to do?  Dreame reached out to Gemini to leverage its big network of Tech media partners in the Kingdom. Indeed, Gemini is the top media relations company in Thailand for technology companies, and we’ve established a really good reputation servicing Chinese brands in particular that want to penetrate the Thai market.

Dreame H12 Thailand

Dreame Product Range H12 and M12
Introducing a new standard of vaccuum cleaners

The Wow Factor

To go beyond the publishing reach of just the tech media platforms, it’s important to position the release to be interesting to both business and lifestyle media, as well as those tech media interested in the product specifications and use cases; lifestyle and news media in particular need to see how any product, especially a lifestyle technology product, will play a part in the daily home lives of its users.

In this regard, Dreame’s L10S, H12 and M12 smart home cleaning devices are super-cool and look elegant, sophisticated and clever. They match many types of homeowners’ interiors, and also benefit from having some good assets by way of nice quality images on hand (this is essential to drive publishing results).

Our first release on Dreamebot was published by an incredible 79 media platforms in Thailand, showing that there is massive demand for both the product and this type of content. This was definitely a “big smash hit” for both Team Gem and for our client!

Dreame liked the results so much that we were then commissioned to write and release news items on subsequent H12 and M12 products, a smart handheld vacuum and a luxurious upright vac.

The New L10S All in one Product arrived in Thailand

Dreame l10s Thailand

L10S Most advanced AI Robot Cleaner

In addition to the exceptional results obtained through our standard off-the-shelf release distribution service, Dreame also asked us to work closely with three selected media outlets in particular to handle product reviews.

This is where we physically take the products to paid media offices, the editors and journalists of which then spend a great deal of time to write and video beautiful product reviews, which go out on Youtube and also on the media partners’ own channels such as their well-followed websites and social media pages.

The three media partners we worked with on this project were some of the top technology media platforms in Thailand; those were: Thaiware, MobileOcta and SiamPhone.

Through these partnerships with friendly tech media, we are able to offer our clients preferential pricing over direct-to-media (“off the street”) pricing, as well as a guarantee of a very high level of care, attention to article detail, and exceptional product video editing and overall quality.

Dreame launch Thailand

Launch of the New H12 Pro in Thailand

When media create paid stories for our clients, the resulting text feature will be around 2000 words, and will be a very deep-dive. It will take readers through every single one of your product’s features, and explain how consumers can use your product easily and happily. It will often set up several testing labs (benchmarking) or home-testing environments to show readers how well the product works against the control and in a real-life environment (such as the journalist’s own living room).

The article will always have nicely-done imagery to illustrate your story; particularly, where there is a usage step process, for example in disassembling a compartment or about the charging cycle, there will often be a series of images arranged into a flow so consumers can see easily what’s involved.

Whatever the exact type of device, innovation, application or appliance, it’s always a big pleasure to work with our close friends at Thaiware, SiamPhone and MobileOcta! And we would love to connect you to this great opportunity affordably through our connections like we did for Dreame Technology recently.

High-performance PR Strategy by Gemini PR

We love working with technology brands, because we have a great media network in place to ably serve their needs and connect them to tens of millions of potential buyers and users across Thailand for a really accessible price. This is especially true when compared to advertising prices, which typically generate a terrible ROI compared to our close media relations that put you right in touch.

We’re a particular expert when it comes to serving overseas tech brands. We are proud to serve as the “team on the ground” and ongoing media centre for cool tech-forward brands like EcoFlow and Dreame.

If you’ve been put in touch with Gemini through word-of-mouth, then you’ve already heard about the great results we’ve crafted for your colleagues and connections.

If you’re new to our client experience, you’ll find us a lot easier to work with than many larger PR firms; we will get your project up and running really quickly – and offer pricing that is easy to understand with no hidden extras. We are transparent, dedicated, and work hard to make our partnership enjoyable across all of our interactions, too!

Dreame Technology makes the difference

Dreame technology PR agency

Killer Tech Power, Killer Results!

Our press release distribution service offers two different rates to get you going. One is very affordable and designed to begin our fruitful partnership in a nice and simple way. The second tier unlocks the full power of media outreach across the extent of the Kingdom, one of the world’s most important markets now for growing technology companies.

When you’ve done a couple of press release distributions with us and seen the results, you will never look back! Most tech clients begin with just the release distribution then quickly get in touch to buy premium video reviews (as outlined above), as these are relatively low-cost and work so well.

We’re also ready to move your marketing strategy for growth to the next level; so, we’ll offer you a full range of media interviews, press conferences, engagement events and TV spots – all available to you as simply priced off-the-shelf “bolt-ons” and options ready to serve you.

Contact Team GEM today to get this incredible coverage for your business, brand, product, launch, event or awards program. Reach out and connect here.

Dreame H12 launch

Easy to use – High Performance

To discover more about the future of this amazing lifestyle technology brand, please visit: Dreame website

To view the latest arrivals at the Dreame and Dreamebot Lazada Mall store, please visit Lazada website

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