Heavenly Summer series of Ganesh and Naga bracelets & necklaces a hit story with Thai media

The “Heavenly Summer Series”, a collection of bracelets and necklaces channelling the spirits of Vessavana, Ganesha and Naga Samsara, feature precious stones blessed by sacred temples in Chonburi, Bangkok and Bueng Kan

In essence, Harmenstone as a designer of talismanic jewelry founded in 2017 in Bangkok procures some of the world’s most exotic precious and semi-precious gemstones to use “in the creation of its uniquely wearable fashion designs crafted from sacred stones” for necklaces and bracelets with the potent power of divine imagery.

Harmenstone wanted to announce to media in Thailand about an exciting new fashion collab. The company is very proud to collaborate with the Bangkok-based fashion brand Leisure Projects to create an idyllic fusion of sacred Buddhist & Hindu mythology jewellery mixed with a fun casual-unisex aesthetic for the “Heavenly Summer Series”.

Harmenstone Thailand PR agency

The Wow Factor

Together, the two homegrown Thai brands present a collection of luxury bracelets and necklaces for spiritual guys and girls, with each created from striking and prized natural materials like Amazonite, Ruby Zosite, Malachite, Red Jasper, American Gold Sunstone. Thai people, expats and international tourists alike love to collect and purchase precious stones and items crafted from semi-precious rocks and volcanic materials, with a whole area of the city dedicated to this hobby and practice in lower Silom and Riverside (the area close to Mandarin Oriental and Lebua).

Gemini PR worked to craft all of the essential storytelling, market-specific, on-brand and consumer-centric communication to capture some great media results across the Kingdom. The beauty of the Press Release Distribution strategy to online media of course is the fact that the story is now “out there” and permanent!  This creates brilliant return on investment and lifetime value for a small cost.

The “Heavenly Summer Series” tells a great story itself, as it unlocks visionary vibes and a true sense of sacred tradition through the stories told by generations of believers – through the holiness of belief itself, infused spirituality, and the legends and mystique of Ganesha, Vessavana and Naga, each possessing a unique bracelet and necklace as part of the collection. The Sacredness of Beloved Buddhist and Hindu Iconography was the touchstone for this storytelling journey, with Leisure Projects blending perfectly with Harmenstone spirituality to harmonise with the fashion language of the era

In total, 29 media platforms covered the story of the new jewellery collection. These included some wonderful and respected Thai media organisations such as Lifestyle Asia, Manager Online, Bangkok Today, HiZociety, bizfocusnews, siamhighlight, mileday365, Bangkok focus, lokwannee, insightoutstory, Thailand times and many more!

Harmenstone Collaboration in Thailand

Harmenstone PR collaboration Thailand

Harmenstone organized for some high-quality photos of models wearing the new products, and also the essential pack shots which showed the product in their retail format. This gave customers a chance to comprehend how these great jewellery items can add a splash of elegant fun to both formal looks and to holiday wear and beach attire.

Gemini PR, a top PR agency in Bangkok, always advises its clients no matter what the communication objective on the importance of having good photos. This makes it way more likely that media will publish your story; it also gives customers a way to quickly understand what your product or service in Thailand is all about.

Press release distributions should always be illustrated by one image as a minimum, and preferably three or four. We will use low-res images in the text release given to media, and then the hi-res versions are made available in an online folder. For example, you can view the high resolution media distribution-ready images here, by way of an example, based on the recent Harmenstone X Leisure Projects collaboration.

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Harmenstone New Collection

Gemini also serves as the inbound media centre while we are supporting your Press Release Distribution project. This means we will take questions from editors and ably respond to them using your approved messaging and approved responses – and ensuring journalists have everything they need in order to make publishing more likely and the results even more reliable.

Harmenstone Featured Products

Harmenstone product launch Thailand

High-performance PR Strategy by Gemini PR

The nature of the story created for Harmenstone meant that it had significance in the respect of it being both a fashion and a lifestyle story, but also a demonstration of a successful, homegrown fully Thai-owned story of achievement. Therefore, it is mega relevant to business media.

Harmenstone’s retail locations in IconSiam (Charoen Nakhon Road, Khlong Ton Sai Sub District) and Siam Center (M Floor, Rama I Rd Khwaeng Pathum Wan) provide it with popular consumer touchpoints; but there’s also a great story here for media interested in growing businesses and successful marketing within fast-developing entrepreneurial businesses. So, we’ve captured some excellent business media reporting, too – Theissuebrand, Nexttopbrand, Biztosuccess, Manager Today and thenews24online, and we were thankful to these great media partners for helping to promote the Heavenly Summer story.

Harmenstone Iconsiam media relations

Harmenstone at IconSiam, Bangkok

Killer Fashion, Killer Results!

Harmenstone enjoyed a really successful media outreach campaign with this, what is essentially a simple Press Release Distribution program which was custom-created for the client by Gemini PR – the top press release writer in Bangkok.

The promotion spotlighted the owners of the two businesses, too:

Harmenstone CEO, Book Hasavee Wirunsiripak, used the communication platform to introduce this blessed new collection of inspired lines presented via the new brand crossover, saying, “Combining the sacredness of traditions with the hottest Thai young fashion brand of the day, Harmenstone X Leisure Projects jointly present The Heavenly Summer Series 2023. The collection infuses spirituality into modern luxury designs, while adding a touch of excitement and sacred fashionable style. The highlight of this crossover collection are the new bracelets and necklaces featuring a selection of gemstones designed to empower the wearer to unleash their inner potential by being blessed by revered temples from across Thailand.”

Leisure Projects Owner and Designer, Nat Nattapon Kanokvaleewong, added, “Leisure Projects completes your hot getaway with a wondrous look and feel in The Heavenly Summer Series 2023, the culmination of our recent collaboration with Harmenstone. The bold designs of Leisure Projects add a touch of playfulness to the modern elegance of these new Harmenstone designs. The collaboration results in a range of must-haves for any fashion-forward individual; perfectly at home as beachwear or travel attire, but also can be worn in harmony with more sophisticated business or formal attire.”

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Harmenstone x Leisure Projects

Harmenstone press release Bangkok

The overall net media value achieved by the campaign was reporting in 29 high-quality media publications, five of which were “Tier A” media, which means that these publications are much sought-after and are usually only accessible to brands who wish to buy adverts at a comparatively high price. Indeed, on an “ad inches” exchange valuation, the campaign achieved a total of 3.75 million THB in published media value.

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To discover more about the future of this amazing Thai fashion brand, please visit: Harmenstone website

To view the latest arrivals at the Harmenstone store, please visit: Harmenstone collection

Leisure Projects Facebook page can be found at: Harmenstone Facebook

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