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Yona Beach Club, a one-of-a-kind multi-level boat and floating beach club, was ready to make its debut in Phuket, Thailand, following a long and careful process of achieving its many detailed accreditations for quality and safety. YONA set sail to greet guests on its inaugural outing on 8th August (2023) in the East of Phuket, in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea.

From this magical seat amidst the lapping of the gentle waves and backdrop of lush beaches, guests were to be greeted with a transcendental lifestyle and F&B experience. It promises to give YONA voyagers a chance to immerse themselves in one of life’s most unforgettable moments on a 1200m2 state-of-the-art maritime engineering marvel.

There was already a huge amount of interest in the project before Yona decided to make its formal media announcement. Locals in Phuket knew about Yona for a long time, of course, as it was being refitted, launched and accredited during a long build flow; but there was also a lot of noise generated in the social space as a result of it being such a unique – and photogenic – F&B and hospitality venue.

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Yona Beach Club Phuket

Objective – PR agency in Bangkok helps promote Yona Beach Club Phuket

Yona Beach Club chose Gemini PR on account of the great value it offers, and also its strong media connections and warmth of journalist relations. Firstly, Gemini offers clients an affordable package for press release news and photo story distribution which also includes a month of free messaging and positioning consulting – this is really helpful for clients who are still trying to figure out how best to communicate their USPs and benefits to talk about, points of essential clarification, etc.

Also, Gemini’s team of agency owners have a region-wide reputation for being the best writers and editors in the PR industry in all of Asia, with literally thousands of media stories successfully run in big outlets on line and in print.

In short, we augmented an already active social media presence by delivering the hard-hitting factual news, with stories planned to perfection to make sure messages cut through with clarity, punch and panache. This is particularly helpful for projects like Yona, which have had a long gestation and which seek to offer customers clarity of its proposition, which many potential customers had a lot of questions about.

In careful strategic consultation with the client, an extensive release was created to place great emphasis the key brand hallmarks of Yona Beach Club Phuket, as well as giving journalists in Bangkok and further afield a real feel for the location and man-made resort setting.
As a top PR agency in Bangkok, Gemini sought to target a broad demographic of media, which were well represented across categories, including Bangkok business media and Thailand lifestyle magazines, as well as online-first news channels in Thailand, plus an amplified influencer platform reach.

What is a good PR strategy for my hotel or resort?

Influencer marketing agency work in Thailand is an essential part of today’s modern PR campaign but Yona were already very strong in this area, such is the magnetic appeal of such an awesome floating resort concept. Therefore, the client wanted to achieve widespread news release distribution via traditional online platforms while managing their own social media content, which Yona’s team had already worked hard to improve following earlier project delays (which had confused some early enquirers).

Yona Beach Club Phuket

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Gemini PR Agency Bangkok's expertly crafted press release strategy

Gemini PR Agency Bangkok’s expertly crafted press release strategy played a pivotal role in catapulting Yona Beach Club Phuket into the spotlight across the Asian region. Our carefully curated press release not only showcased the unique offerings and captivating ambiance of Yona Beach Club but also highlighted its importance as a premium destination in Phuket. By tailoring the message to resonate with the target audience and utilizing our extensive network of media contacts, we ensured that the press release reached the right journalists and outlets across Asia, resulting in immediate and widespread attention.

The success of our press release campaign for Yona Beach Club Phuket was further amplified by our proactive media outreach efforts. We engaged with influential journalists, travel bloggers, and industry insiders to create buzz around the club’s grand opening and exclusive events. This personalized approach not only generated substantial interest but also led to numerous feature stories, travel reviews, and social media mentions. Our collaborative efforts with key media partners contributed to a flurry of positive press coverage that showcased Yona Beach Club as a must-visit destination in Phuket and a trendsetter in the Asian beach club scene.

Furthermore, the strategic timing of the press release ensured that Yona Beach Club Phuket remained at the forefront of regional travel discussions. By capitalizing on trending topics and aligning the club’s offerings with the desires of the Asian travel market, we were able to secure feature articles in prominent publications, interviews on reputable travel shows, and social media engagements that created a buzz around the club. The end result was not just news cut-through but a lasting impression on the minds of travelers across Asia, solidifying Yona Beach Club Phuket as a top-tier destination and establishing Gemini PR Agency Bangkok even further as the affordable boutique leader in delivering impactful PR campaigns.

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Yona Beach Club Phuket

How to plan a hospitality marketing campaign in Thailand?

Due to the sheer number of hotels and residences competing at every level of the hospitality industry in Thailand, it’s tough to know where to start when it comes to putting together and media and consumer outreach program for PR and marketing in Thailand.

Gemini has a team of strategic PR comms people with a wealth of experience in the industry. We have recently supported the launch of the brand-new Stay Wellbeing and Lifestyle Resort Phuket. We also helped to launch many hotels in Bangkok, including Hotel Muse Langsuan, Radisson Blu Bangkok and Radisson Park Plaza, Regent and Amatara (“Immortal Water” campaign). Our past work has been ongoing for many years as the Thai PR industry’s premier hospitality marketing company, working with Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Novotel Silom and Novotel Ploenchit, Nikki Beach, Peninsula Hong Kong, and many more.

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Yona Beach Club Phuket

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The launch of Yona Beach Club Phuket a super-high delivery cut-through to meet the established KPI (SLA). A total of 31 top-tier media organisations joined the distribution, and it worked especially well given the high level of interest in the project. So, instead of trying to create initial brand awareness, the focus was on delivering messaging that was a) valuable, b) true, and c) offered excellent clarification of services which had been a little confusing to consumers before this formal announcement.

Some of the great media houses that published our joint story included:

  • Around
  • Brand Age
  • Brand Inside
  • D Lifestyle Magazine/dooddot
  • GQ Thailand
  • Hello! Thailand
  • Luxury Society Asia
  • Lifestyle Asia
  • BrandThink Me
  • Positioning
  • MarketThink
  • Bangkokbiznews
  • Harper's Bazaar
  • The Standard
  • Time Out
  • Praew
  • Bangkok-today
  • Padthai
  • Sudsapda
  • Prachachart Turakij
  • Vogue
  • Matichon Online
  • Bangkok Post
  • Thailand Reporter
  • Thaiza
  • Business Media Online
  • Smartnewstimes
  • Logistics Magazine
  • CBNT Channel

Gemini wishes to thank all of our wonderful media friends for supporting this great communication push, made especially unique by the fact that it was simply an engaging release distribution. Meaning, there was no fam trip, no launch event or media interviews; it was simply a case of communicating a relevant and impactful story using the digital-only method to make the whole process fast and easy to manage for Yona, while still getting the story to every impact-driving consumer group via this wide scale distro.

Yona Beach Club Phuket

Yona Beach Club Phuket – some fascinating story angles and facts to make journalists interested

Created to be “An Oasis At The Middle Of The Sea”, YONA is an inspired social space, and the perfect host for unforgettable private events. It features a breathtaking 22-meter infinity pool, private cabanas, daybeds, and an exquisite restaurant. YONA exudes a vibrant, sophisticated, and timeless atmosphere, providing a panoramic 360-degree view of the ocean.

The Management of YONA Beach Club, for whom this has been a labor of love, introduced the concept, saying, “YONA Beach Club invites you to indulge in an extraordinary journey; a multi-sensory voyage into a paradisiacal setting with the ever-moving backdrop of the Andaman and its mesmerizing cerulean waters. YONA offers the idyllic haven to refresh the soul, whether at the infinity pool, basking in the sun on a luxurious comfortable bed, or saluting the sunset with a choice of world-class cocktails.”

A shuttle service will connect to YONA on the 8th of August, collecting guests from Royal Phuket Marina (Eastern Phuket). Guests can easily access YONA via this regular and convenient shuttle service directly from the Marina itself. Before departure, seamless check-in procedures and safety briefings ensure an amazing and worry-free experience for all guests. Safety is a top priority for YONA, and its highly-experienced and thoroughly-trained crew comply with all local and international maritime safety and seafaring standards, ensuring a secure voyage for every guest.

The culinary experience at YONA reflects coastal cuisine, incorporating Mediterranean, Japanese, and Pan-Asian dishes. With a focus on fresh, seasonal, and soulful flavors, the dishes embrace the simplicity of local ingredients, creating a delightful sharing-style dining experience. YONA becomes the ultimate dining destination, treating guests to a selection of delicious culinary creations by YONA’s head chef, and which completes the feel of being ‘at one with paradise’.
The beach club’s service-obsessed rituals combined with relaxed atmosphere place bottle service at center stage, allowing guests to unwind and enjoy the outstanding drinks. “Impeccable service” are the golden words, and YONA’s dedicated team takes pride in providing warm, personalized experiences, valuing human connections and relationships.

Guests can book tickets at

Yona Beach Club Phuket

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What is a great PR firm in Asia Pacific for a hotel or resort campaign?

At Gemini PR, we seek to always be “Your Premier Choice for Results-Driven PR Campaigns in Asia Pacific.” Are you in search of a top-tier PR firm in the Asia Pacific region to spearhead your upcoming campaign? Look no further than Gemini PR. We are committed to excellence, offering accessible pricing options and a wide range of services to meet your unique needs.

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We go above and beyond to ensure you shine at your events. Gemini PR’s strategic approach includes placing you squarely in the spotlight, whether in front of TV cameras or during direct interactions with editors and journalists. This personalized touch ensures that your brand’s media narrative is conveyed eloquently to your ideal target audience.

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Gemini PR stands apart from traditional, content-focused agencies of the past. We bring an authoritative presence to the table, making sure your brand’s image is not just maintained but elevated to new heights. Our commitment lies in propelling your brand forward and forging a path to lasting success in the dynamic world of public relations.

When it comes to making a real impact in the Asia Pacific region, trust Gemini PR to deliver exceptional results that align with your goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to your specific campaign needs and elevate your brand’s presence in the market.

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