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Gemini PR, a pioneering brand in the realm of public relations and strategic communications for luxury clients in Bangkok (Thailand), was called upon to proudly present a magnificent new collection of pearl jewellery, and a new boutique store launch at Gaysorn Plaza in Bangkok. This is in addition to its long-standing work with top jewellery brands overseas such as Chow Sang Sang in Hong Kong, and Harmenstone most recently in the Thai market.

This collaboration with top artisan brands culminated in its triumphant collaboration with Matara, Thailand’s premier homegrown premium pearl jewellery artisan boutique – and with the agency massively overdelivering against its original brief! This exceptional partnership marked the launch of Matara’s new luxury jewellery boutique, situated on the 2nd Floor of Gaysorn Centre in Gaysorn Village Bangkok. Visitors to Bangkok famously love the Jewellery Quarter (jewelry district) in Sathorn, but now Matara is scaling beyond its already impressive hotel footprint in the capital, which previously has encompassed its stunning boutiques at Central Embassy, top hotels and overseas locations in Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong.

A Tale of Friendship and Luxury. This was what was at the heart of the brand story that is Matara, led by CEO Jongjin “Jin” Jungsura, alongside co-founders COO Patchaploy “Prae” Matarungsombat and CCO Salil “Tangmo” Andraphan. Their enduring friendship and visionary drive set the stage for a new wave of pearls as fashionwear, seamlessly blending unique pearls with contemporary designs and star status. They now make regular appearances by way of top Hollywood actors and fashion designers wearing these exquisite pieces on the red carpet of the Film Festival in Cannes, on the South Coast of France and other social occasion standouts.

Let us take you, through a discovery journey of beautiful iridescent peals, into how Gemini PR transformed a jewellery boutique launch into a captivating story of elegance and innovation, one which was shown across every news station nightly in news in Thailand, and also with a massive online reach which spanned across the country!

Influencer and Media Event for Matara Boutique at Gaysorn

Influencer agency Thailand

Objective: Shaping a Narrative of Designer Jewelry

Gemini PR embraced the challenge of communicating Matara’s exceptional craftsmanship and timeless curations to a regional audience, and yet with a heavily weighted focus on luxury and lifestyle media in the Kingdom of Thailand. With meticulous planning and precision, Gemini PR orchestrated a strategic communication campaign that echoed Matara’s reputation for excellence in jewellery artistry. This was a direct result of Gemini and its communication strategies being led by its own team of writers and editors, who remain undefeated in Asia and by far the best in Thailand – again putting last-generation old-school sweatshop PR companies in Bangkok in the shade.

The program glittered also as a result of encompassing some great latest-gen influencers, and the use of dramatic photography achieved within the boutique via the client’s own curation, and in doing so leveraging things like its great lighting, gorgeous product displays, etc. to portray the sense of luxury and of a must-be-there media attractive event.

Matara boutique PR interview

Matara Boutique
Flagship Store Opening

Crafting Brilliance Through Collaboration was our plan – how to do online marcomms for luxury

Gemini PR’s partnership with Matara transcended conventional communication. By weaving the story of Matara’s journey into each communication touchpoint, Gemini PR showcased the brand’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and artistry. The collaboration between the two entities went beyond the surface, reflecting a shared dedication to the craft. It was a story that focused on a school friendship which created a brand; and then, a delighted community of customers who stood together to support the brand during Covid closures, which prevented international travellers from arriving here and making purchases.

“Setting the Stage for Elegance”, the launch of Matara’s new boutique at Gaysorn Village Bangkok was not just an event; it was a statement. Through an immersive campaign, Gemini PR invited the audience to experience the fusion of contemporary design and the timeless allure of pearls. From intimate VIP previews to grand unveilings, every moment was carefully curated to capture the essence of Matara’s elegance.

Matara Jewelry & Pearl

Matara jewerly PR media

Great Media Results in Thailand, Numbers Glitter Like Pearl

Resulting in a “Dazzling Success” (even at the small boutique venue which was packed out the door by media attendees), the partnership between Gemini PR and Matara resulted in a resounding spectacle. The launch event garnered attention from many top-tier media organizations, creating a buzz that reverberated through news outlets, publications, and social media platforms. The extensive media coverage and use of on-the-point KOLs in Thailand propelled Matara’s brand visibility to unprecedented heights.

A Lasting Legacy, the Matara boutique launch campaign not only celebrated a new chapter for the brand but also solidified the bond between Gemini PR and Matara. The success of this collaboration stands as a testament to Gemini PR’s commitment to excellence and its ability to elevate brands to new pinnacles of recognition. This continues with the agency’s international work, which is now particularly acclaimed across Asia, especially for its ongoing writing and editing support for Chow Sang Sang; Gemini PR is now responsible for creating all of that retailer’s product positioning in Hong Kong, Macao and China.

Matara Gaysorn PR agency

Matara Influencers and Media Event

Gemini PR’s collaboration with Matara for the grand boutique launch encapsulated the essence of luxury, artistry, and innovation. Through strategic communication, detailed planning which old-school Bangkok agencies can only dream of, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Gemini PR transformed Matara’s launch into an unforgettable narrative. This partnership stands as a shining example of Gemini PR’s prowess in turning brands into legends … the legend of the beauty of Pearl!

The huge media results achieved by Gemini Public Relations Bangkok Agency in summary were as follows, and included: Lifestyle Asia, Prestige, Vogue Thailand, AROUND Magazine, Positioning Magazine, Thailand Inside News,, MGR Online, Siamrath, Siamrath Variety, Sanook, Praew, TNN, BK Magazine, Lok Wan Nee, Bangkok Biz News and Onedeedee.

Top digital media partners included online magazines and consumer fan pages in Thailand included: 9krapalm, RYT9, Mobiledista,, Newswit, Columnai, Growup Thailand, Insightoutstory, Destination Thailand News, Praew, Today Highlight News, QP Magazine Thai Edition, Ohlala Story, Bangkok focus news, and Bangkok-Online.

Great KOLs who supported the launch of the Matara Studio Boutique at Gaysorn Bangkok included: Mommie LP, Bbeanew, ppuifaiiii, เจมส์พาตำ , Candymild, Faiimarevieww, Bbeantalk, PLOYpoy and Unfullice

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Gemini PR Agency for Matara Grand Opening

Pearl jewelry media Thailand

To view the pearl jewellery collections of Matara, please visit the Matara Studio.

To buy Matara pearl jewellery internationally and learn about global shipping to any overseas country outside of Thailand, please visit the Matara international customer service page.

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